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  • AnonD-2572

siju, 09 Mar 2011Thanks,rajeev...but I need option for lock my personal file... moreYou'll need third party software for that as the C7 doesnt support encryption by default..try software such as Best/Handy Safe, Best Crypto or Smartguard, depending on what your requirements are.

  • suhas

NoKiA_lovr, 07 Mar 2011Im confused between Nokia C7 or Iphone 3gs or Motorola DEFY... morethere should absolutely no confusion when you have iphone as an option.... its a great great great phone.... esp once you jail break it.... you just get millions op apps free of cost..... those apps are incomparable to nokia's..... just go for iphone 3gs with out any confusion.... its an awesome one..... :) enjoy....

  • Manni the greate

put through on well with full power,,,,,,,! dust is remove on the spot...!

  • mr_smileking

Goog one........ I love this model ......... and I got it... very lovely phone.

  • mahi

NoKiA_lovr, 07 Mar 2011Im confused between Nokia C7 or Iphone 3gs or Motorola DEFY... morenice phone iam using it still from last month iam not facing any software problem that's why u just go for c7 it is nice.

  • Shab

Hi guys!! i'm planning to buy a Nokia C7. but i heard its having some software problem (switch off often/hang). could you please update me about that.many thanks in advance

  • siju

Rajiv, 07 Mar 2011Hi Siju, 1.Go to settings 2. select option phone 3. se... moreThanks,rajeev...but I need option for lock my personal any option?

  • Anonymous

have it for two days and im enjoying and loving this phone now, i updated it and restarted once, not facing the restarting problem and hoping i wont, planning to buy gel case and screen protector for protection....

  • Mike

Is the car charger with usb port compatible with this phone? The Nokia website strangely does not list this phone.

  • Dhr

i read pages of comments about C6-01 and C7 and i'm totally confused has both the phones has some flaws!!! which phone can i go ahead and buy???

  • shezi

hy maverick,i m willing to buy this phone,i read about some screen faults in this phone,then i tried to made up my mind for moto defy but after reading about so many ear piece faults in that i became once again confused which one to buy,what wold u suggest me to do?thnx

  • Tariq

[deleted post]Can u do a favour by providing the link.
Thanks in advance.

  • AnonD-2572

Anonymous, 08 Mar 2011D phone is totally dead...on/off power doesn't work. How to... moreif it doesnt turn on, its probably did that happen?
Take out the battery for 10 seconds, re insert it and connect to charger and then try switching it on..the C7's screen powers on only about 5 seconds after you press the power button.
There are other ways to bring it back to life or reflash, but I'm assuming ur phone is relatively new and under warranty so take it straight to Nokia Care and let them handle it. Good Luck.

  • AnonD-2572

NoKiA_lovr, 07 Mar 2011Im confused between Nokia C7 or Iphone 3gs or Motorola DEFY... moreDepends what you want from your phone..if you want a lively OS with access to the biggest app store on the planet then go with the Iphone 3GS which u'll be able to update to IOS4..the DEFY's handicap is its OS is Android 2.1..Motorola is not known for rolling out updates by the dozen either so you're probably gonna be stuck with that..
The C7's plus points are its good music player and video recording qualities, great phone calling and connectivity capabilities and free for life sat nav without an internet plan, which you wont find on any other platform. Good Luck with your choice.

  • shiks

Which one is best colour in nokia c7 out of black, brown & Frosty grey?

  • Larry

It is one of the best models in Nokia.There ara many features filled in this phone.can we expand the RAM and ROM for the best results?

  • Sudeep

Hi Guys.
M using this fone from last 1month now.
Now i found tat some dust entered inside the screen.
So wat to do now? y nokia doest not make dust resistant. Pls help me wat to do now? how this dust can be removed...

  • JhorAVi

NoKiA_lovr, 07 Mar 2011Im confused between Nokia C7 or Iphone 3gs or Motorola DEFY... moreThe DEFY stands out among the 3 with the highest screen res of 854x480. 3gs with only 480x320 and C7 with 640x360 pales in comparison. Most importantly, Symbian is a dead OS and Nokia will focus on WP7

  • AnonD-3102

AnonD-2572, 07 Mar 2011Thanks Ajith, but as far as i know, lightctrl was an app fo... moreThank you Maverick.I thought it was helpful.But now,
I realize that its just a brightness control app.
Anyway, I am in search of a hungary made
black color c7:)

  • Anonymous

c.unnikrishnan, 07 Mar 2011if u any problem nokia dont very and hanging problem,first ... moreD phone is totally dead...on/off power doesn't work. How to go to setting..then factory setting..please assist.