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  • akon

im taking this mob next month

  • AnonD-2241

Shab, 09 Mar 2011Hi guys!! i'm planning to buy a Nokia C7. but i heard its having... moreme just got back my c7 from Nokia service center. Yea.. of course all that rumors r true. C7 got many prob. but depend on your luck. if u lucky enough c7 very good handphone, if unlucky - u got headache.

after 2 weeks, i got back c7 with new motherboard. fuhh... longest day waiting. so far everything good. hope so...

  • krazy C7

I must say that its really confirtable on C7 to make call or end due to Physical keys and you do have virtual keys as nice slim design pefect to grip. Email client is really good make easy to navigate through my mail very fast if your using wifi or 3G.

  • kiss

please help, i want to share youtube videos to facebook from this phone(c7) but i dont how to, can someone help me pls... i'd appreciate every little help, thanks in advance...

  • s

im planning to buy c7..please advise is it have any hanging or anything intial problem?

please post ur comments

  • vijay tipnis

i just bought a new c-7 & expanded the memory by inserting 8 gb sandisk micro memory card in it but the handset does not show a memory card on its display nor does it display the memory status of its in built memory if i tried to. can anybody guide me on this matter ?

  • Niks

Nice phone by nokia . good look fast & camara is very good

  • Jehad

The Nokia C7 is a beautiful phone, well made, has a solid feel and works very well. Highly recommended, love it.

  • shezi

thnx Maverick...much appreciated..i would look for c7 ...

  • AnonD-2572

Dhr, 08 Mar 2011PPL PLZ HELP!!! i read pages of comments about C6-01 and C7 and... moreThey're both the exactly same phones, with the C6-01 having a smaller 3.2 inch CBD diplay and only 340 MB of internal storage vs 8 GB on the C7. Everything else is exactly the same except the price :). Choose whichever you're comfortable with.

  • AnonD-2572

shezi, 08 Mar 2011hy maverick,i m willing to buy this phone,i read about some scre... moreHi Shezi, I'm not really sure if the Defy has an official update to froyo yet, Motorola had said that the update will roll out in Q1 2011, but that depends which region you're in. With Froyo, it'll be a pretty good phone, but I wouldn't touch it if it has less than that. The C7 is a good phone too, so if you're comparing the two, then it will boil down to symbian vs. android..I've posted a few comments about the two earlier, but if you ask me personally, I'd take the C7 now(which I have) or wait for one of the more higher end androids or even the Galaxy SL if I want to go the android way.

  • AnonD-2572

Sudeep, 06 Mar 2011Can anyone tell me how to watch youtube videos in full screen. Y... moreTry xenozu player..

  • Tariq

Dear All
I am going to purchase C7, can any one tell me the latest price in Delhi/NCR.

  • Rab

shiks, 08 Mar 2011Which one is best colour in nokia c7 out of black, brown & F... moreBlack is the most elegant

  • AnonD-2572

john, 09 Mar 2011hi guys.. i just wanted to comment on the lightctrl app posted ... moreThanks for the feedback John, its good to know the app ameliorates the problem; although temporarily. I'm hoping Nokia considers it big enough an issue to warrant a fix if possible through a further firmware update, from what you've said, tweaking the screen brightness might improve the issue. The problem seems to be widespread enough to atleast deserve an official response from Nokia. Cheers.

  • AnonD-2572

[deleted post]I agree with you on the calls and music playing abilities..thanks to a dedicated noise cancelling mic, the call quality is pretty good and although I think the loudspeaker is rubbish when playing music, the music quality through headphones is top notch. I use it with Sennheisers too.

  • john

hi guys..
i just wanted to comment on the lightctrl app posted here a few days back. Unfortunately my c7 has this purple issue too and i tried this app. i think its a good application to turn on if you want to watch a movie on your phone (especially if you have this "discoloration" issue). Ive noticed that the dark scenes aren't purple anymore (even the analog clock is not half purple). before using this lightctrl, even if i adjust my light sensor to 75%..dark scenes in my movies appear washed out and, i just turn on the lightctrl and set it to 75 and the discoloration is gone. after watching, i just exit the application. Anyway, i agree with maverick that this is not the best cure for it. I do hope nokia will have a better fix for this problem as i do not think it's a hardware issue simply because some apps like this fixes the amoled issue.

  • tariq

is it full touch pone or it has both keyboard n touch.. pls reply..

  • Anonymous

perfect phone... Calls are amazing... I would prefer phone with outstanding call quality, best signal. And that is c7. Plus factor is d sound quality its Excellent. The best nokia in terms of musicality. Goodbye n91. Try cmpare with other music phone, ur ipod or iphon u will be amazed with its music quality. Its a way better than iphone and n91. I tested it with sennheiser headphone and Bose speaker... I have an iphone4, n91 and e72. Bt this phone is on d top list. Plus iT has a AMOLED screen...Smarter than other Smart phone its an EXCELLENT! PHONE!


it's a lovely phone with a good looking...some of my friends use thise phone and they recomended me to choose this...