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  • Maverick

[deleted post]Boy who will buy it for 20k from you..isnt it too much to ask Nokia priority its price is stated as 18,500/- :D

  • Anonymous

great phone! but the camera is such a crap. it should be auto focus; not this one,can't even take photos from lecture books.

  • Fred

Pls mohit, i want 2 know if d C7 update is available in Nigeria.

  • sree

dr.bidhan, 19 Jan 2011hi mohit can u plz suggest wch 1 sud go 4 either c7/n8 pric... moren8 > c7 > c6 > sony ericsson!

  • mohit

DOUBTLESS !!, 19 Jan 2011@ MOHIT....Hello brother , please help me in this matter...... moreOn launch, the app will try to detect
your location. If it can ’t (or if you choose to not let it) you can just tell
it where you are and – providing you have an internet connection – it will let you pick a location from a

You can add more than one
location in this manner, even if you
do have a GPS link, so you can
keep an eye on the weather in
several places at once. Annoyingly, the widget and full app
seem entirely unconnected – that is, even if you have configured the
app with a list of locations you will
have to go through the same
process again for the widget. Very
irritating, particularly if you have a
lot of locations that you like to keep tabs on.
It seems like unusual and confusing problem
~restart ur phone and if it works then fine,if not
-just try to reinstall the widget and then main app
~again properly check ur location
~make sure u have data connection
~download latest version
hope it can help.
i havnt accuweather in my phone.

  • mohit

dr.bidhan, 19 Jan 2011hi mohit can u plz suggest wch 1 sud go 4 either c7/n8 pric... moreif price doesnt matter

go for n8.

allready 5million sold worldwide
india is the largest consumer of n8 device.its so popular in india u can ask for any retailer.

Its nokia flagship device
it doesnt faces restarting problem while c7 user still complaint of restarting problem although it has very much solved.
It comes in orange,yellow,silver white,blue,
its a all rounder phone.

Advantage of N8 over C7.

~Exceptional12mp camera with autofocus and xenon flash
no need to carry Digital camera.

~HDMI port.u can watch ur photos,hd movies,play games from n8 into ur large lcd,led hdmi ready tv.

~anodize alluminium scratch resistant body.

~16gb internal memory

~battery last for two days with moderate use

rest of feature r same in both n8 and c7 which r-
~usb otg.connect ur pendrive,mouse,keyboard directly to n8 and c7
~capactive touchscreen .it has much bettar response than resistive touchscreen in nokia 5800
~3d graphic Processing unit.makes it ideal to watch movies,play games.
~bluetooth v3.0
~wifi with b/g/n hence much faster speed than simple wifi.
~gps.used it has navigation device with offline maps from ovi maps with free of cost.navigation is also free.
~doesnt lag like previous phones eg. n73,n95,n97,
I tell u the core features.
Rest of feature u can read review by gsmarena
best of luck for buying n8.

  • mohit

siddek, 19 Jan 2011did c7 have gps?yes,c7 has A-gps built in chip.
So u can fully use it as gps navigation device with ovi maps.
Its very accurate and even capture signal in dense places,from ur home,in dense fog etc.
Gps navigation is completely free with ovi maps.
U can view 3d maps with buildings,bridgesetc,2d maps,terran maps,voice navigation,etc with detail map of india.

  • Kuttapan

Still Nokia going with boring Symbian os. very poor performance from the Cam as well. my 3 megapixel Motorola take better pictures.

  • nithinprasad

super phone,
this is amazing phone

  • Yazi-Pak

siddek, 19 Jan 2011did c7 have gps?Yes it has GPS and life time free voice navigation.

  • siddek

did c7 have gps?

  • siddek

did c7 have gps?

  • koka

many thanks for nokia for this amazing device its response to all my needs and work very comfortable so good job nokia


@ MOHIT....Hello brother , please help me in this matter...I downloaded the "accuweather" widget available for s^3 phones from ovi store for my nokia c7.
When i open it as a widget , it goes on asking for location & i am unable to search any location because after entering a prominent location & then tapping "search" , nothing happens !!!
Can you help me in this matter ?
Secondly , when i open the same from the application folder it works giving me the weather data !! Really confusing isn't it !!
Waiting for your answer brother & have a great day !!

  • dr.bidhan

hi mohit can u plz suggest wch 1 sud go 4 either c7/n8 price doesnt matter..feature as well as luk wise.thnx in advance buddy

  • mandeep

nokiac7 youtube and gogale abillable yes or no

  • Anonymous

E72 vs N8/C7, 3G JoikuSpot Speed Test Comparison

  • mohit

for any guide and news of s^3 phones go to-

this site give good guide and review and general guide to s^3 phones.

  • mohit

Top 10 Ways Nokia C7 Symbian^3
Firmware Update Improves Your

One of the great things about
the Nokia C7, is that it ’ s constantly being improved.
Firmware updates allow Nokia to fix problems, add extra
features, and make lots of
Firmware updates are Nokia ’ s way of improving its handsets, offering gradual
improvements and additional features
as and when they ’ re required. There’ s lots to know about firmware updates
Nokia is constantly working on getting
the best out of its smartphones, so each
firmware update for the Nokia c7 will
bring fixes for known bugs.

Firmware updates can also bring
additional features. One of the rumoured
firmware updates for the Nokia c7
includes a portrait QWERTY keypad, so
it’ s well worth keeping an eye on so you don’ t miss out.

Some firmware updates are particularly
big in size –especially if Nokia is introducing extra features to the Nokia
c7, in addition to fixing bugs and offering
better performance. It’ s worth looking at the size of the update, and using Wi-Fi
rather than 3G if it’ s a large update.

~OTA aka over the air
Nokia offers a couple of different ways
to upgrade the firmware on your Nokia
N8. One of these is OTA (Over the air),
which you can do with just your phone

~NSU or Nokia Software Updater –is the other option when it comes to firmware
updates. You can download the latest
firmware using NSU or now by ovi suite and your PC, letting
you save money on data costs, and
transferring the firmware across to your
Nokia c7 via USB cable.

~Check for updates
Now you know it ’ s worth checking for the latest firmware updates on your
Nokia c7, how do you go about it? The
easiest way is to open the onscreen
numberpad and press: *#0000#
followed by Options and Check for

~Symbian ^3 Updates
It’ s not just updates specific to the Nokia c7 either. With Symbian ^3 being a
brand new OS, there are lots of things
that can be made better, so firmware
updates allow Nokia to improve its
operating system as time goes on.

Speed is another reason you should
always check for the latest updates.
Along with fixes for bugs and additional
features, firmware updates can also
bring performance boosts.

Being a brand new operating system,
Symbian ^3 still has the odd issue when
it comes to stability, occasionally
crashing. Firmware updates can help
this, bringing more stable software.

Before updating to the latest firmware,
it’ s always worth backing up your files and contact details –just in case anything goes wrong during the update.
That way, you ’ ll be able to copy all your files back across should the worst

  • mohit

Amaya, 18 Jan 2011hey mohit,i bought this phone today but i am not able to vi... moreSymbian ^3: Top 10 Ways To Get
The Most Out Of The Nokia C7 OS

~Change the Themes
There are loads of themes available for
your Nokia C7 –and you ’ ll find a decent amount already pre-installed on the
handset itsel.By changing the theme,
you can change the way your Nokia C7
looks –from menu colours, to icon styles, to backgrounds. There are also lots of
other themes available for download,
completely changing the look of
Symbian ^3 and your new Nokia.

~Opera Mobile
Mobile is one of the better suggestions,
and is the first download i made on
our Nokia C7 –offering an excellent web browsing experience. From multiple
homescreens, to tabbed browsing, all in
a fast and stable web browser.

~Update the firmware Firmware updates are the key to getting
the best experience when using
Symbian^3. There are fixes for bugs,
performance increases and extra
features all offered through firmware
updates. Type *#0000# and click on Options, then press Search for Updates
to check for the latest firmware updates.

keyboard has the potential to change
the way you enter text into your
smartphone, letting you slide your finger
across letters without lifting, and
speeding up the process dramatically. It
also lets you hold down a key to hit secondary functions –such as numbers or characters –which works a lot better than going into sub menus.
~Organise the menu
Versatility is one of the best bits about
Symbian ^3, and it ’ s easy to set up the menu in a way that suits your needs.
You can fully utilise different folders, or
move all your apps onto the main page.

~Nokia Situations or Nokia Bots
its been particularly impressed with Nokia Situations and Nokia Bots in the past, with both of these apps letting
your Nokia C7 control itself. From
changing profiles at particular times, to
opening certain web pages on different
days, context aware apps can really
change the way you use your Nokia C7.

~Latest games
The Nokia c7 has got some good HD GAMES, with a
load of outstanding titles currently
available from the Ovi Store .

~Ovi Maps 3.06
i love Ovi Maps. Nokia ’ s premium satellite navigation service has it all, and
yet it’ s completely free. Ovi Maps 3.06 is the latest version, and it ’ s worth downloading for your Nokia C7. The
menus have received an overhaul,
everything looks nicer, and there are
new features that add to usability, such
as pinch to zoom.

~Webpage shortcuts
Check the same webpage a lot?
Webmail, for instance, or your favourite
news site? Rather than opening a
browser –be it Nokia ’ s own or Opera Mobile –it’ s also possible to add a shortcut to your favourite site, straight
onto your Nokia c7 ′ s home page. Simply tap Options, Edit Home Screen
and pick a Shortcuts bar for one of the
empty spaces. Tap and hold the bar until
Settings pops up, but instead of choosing
an app as a shortcut, you can choose
one of your internet book marks. That way, every time you tap the icon, your
fave page will load straight up –it’ s perfect for checking the latest football

~Nokia Messaging.
Take advantage of Nokia ’ s messaging service, and get your emails on the
move wherever you go. From the
homescreen, again tap Options and Edit
Homescreen, and pick an empty space.
Tap it, scroll down and click the Email
widget. You ’ ll then be taken to Nokia ’ s email wizard –letting you easily set up your account for use on your Nokia c7.
Once you ’ ve followed the guide –which basically involves you putting in your
username and password –you ’ ll get notifications of future emails on the
homescreen of your Nokia c7.