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Nokia C7

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  • hi!!!

help me..what's the best color...i think the white one is a lil' bit too dirt magnet..

  • rahul

pooja, 06 Jan 2011which color is bttr? black or frosty metal...?plz suggest...thnks@POOJA
frosty metal...

  • pooja

which color is bttr? black or frosty metal...?plz suggest...thnks

  • madhu

JeD, 05 Jan 2011If your main concern is the camera, go for N8. Comparing both on... morethnks for ur suggession...really appreciate it...

  • Roshan

madhu, 05 Jan 2011plz suggest me whether should i go for N8 or C7...?apart from th... moreC7 : HDMI Video Put is not der or HDMI Video recording is not der & Internal Memory is less den Nokia N8

  • bond:::

really mobile in this range..!!!! the only shortcoming-" there should hav been be a camera lens cover". but still it would hav destroyed it's sleek look...lastly a must hav mobile by nokia if u hav abudget of around Rs.19000..!!! ;-)

  • helper

C7 and N8 have same hardware and software accept for camera on N8 has 12 mega pix Auto Focus Cam and HDMI TV out with Dobly Digital Plus Sound where as C7 has 8 mega Pix cam With Tv out with Fixed Focus other then that its same thing. But C7 has smarter desgin looks on N8 that makes it more handy device...

  • Anonymous

rahul r, 04 Jan 2011go for nokia n8...go for nokia c7...its a gr8 phone, u wont regret it a bit...

  • Engr.Osama

i m using this mobile for one month..
camera is excellent.
touch response is super excellent
audio quality is very very cool
overall the fone is best and fun to use

  • wasim

hai this is wasim the c7 is very good phone i am using tis for past two months and it has good sound quality and camera quality

  • Anon

Which colour is the best..?

  • Anonymous

Does it hang too much..?

Please reply..

  • shantanu

i want to buy this phone but the sound quality worries me
can anybody tell me about the sound quality? is it loud enough?
or is it like other C series phone(c3,c5)

  • Anonymous

I bought C7 last week, Its great performance, internet/downloading is very quick on wifi & 3G, touch screen is at par with any other htc HD screen. My last 5 phones were Nokia, last being X6,I lost my faith in nokia and symbian when i saw my friends use android phones with great multi-touch screens, i was certain to go for htc this time,but when I used my friends N8, my plans changed, Symbian^3 OS is at par with android 2.2, and the AMOLED touch screens Nokia has used are great for HD video streaming in C7 & N8, The only difference in C7 & N8 is the appearance & camera, N8 is quite distinctive whereas C7 looks like some samsung phones.
But if you are not very particular about appearance & camera and only care about performance & specifications go for C7(it will cost approx 20% less than N8)

  • Anonymous

Great smartphone... Very fluid software, the design is beautiful, its compact and robust and it has that premium feel to it. Impresive multitasking,great new ovi store 2.0, super music player and a impresive 8 megapixel camera as well as the nHD AMOLED display. I didnt regret a penny.The web browser isnt good in terms of interface (nokia anounces to corect that in the next firmware update so im not worried) but in terms of rendering and flash content its great. Overall im very satisfied.

  • vikki

hii frndsss, i want new cell phone this new year plzz tell which i should buy in nokia...........this will great help me......... plzzzz to all my frndzzz

  • JeD

madhu, 05 Jan 2011plz suggest me whether should i go for N8 or C7...?apart from th... moreIf your main concern is the camera, go for N8. Comparing both on performance with the specs, both are the same. The only difference I see is the camera ( 12 vs 8 ) and the casing ( aluminum for N8 and Plastic for C7 ) and the flash which is (Xenon for N8 and Dual Led for C7).
But other than that, its just the same. If you ask me, I'd go for C7. Performance wise, its the same and cheaper compared to N8. Its lighter too! =)

  • JeD

How is this compared to N86 when it comes to picture quality?

  • madhu

plz suggest me whether should i go for N8 or C7...?apart from the cam department,is there any specific reason to go for N8?Any such important feature which is lacking in C7...?Plz suggest...thnks in advance....

  • Anonymous

can any1 plz tell me abt the swpye feature present in c7..?