Nokia E50

Nokia E50

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  • franzl

no radio?????

  • Anonymous

this phone is so ugly, the design of this phone is so backward

  • Anonymous

if this have the 6630/6680 camera ITS A HOT PHONE!!! HOT HOT HOT. thin and high battery!

  • Dexeaur


A Thin Nokia smartphone....Thats not right! Since when have Nokia ever done that!

And whats this? A Nokia smartphone which is HIGH IN BATTERY? OMG, whats the world come to?

But seriously folks, I'm a semi-anti-Nokia fan (went from Siemens to Samsung to SE) and I'm seriously thinking of getting this phone.

  • jo

interesting a thin smartphone, just a 2mp would made it cooler but still what a phone. you people can't be mean to this phone look at the battery life

  • mohammed

this phone is like nokai 6230 ok this phone is ugly opk man stop coping like 6230 ok people

  • Dreadnought

I actually think the opposite. SE phones are just toys with cool colours and so on... They havenĀ“t managed to come out with one decent smartphone lately...

  • Kal

Good to see a 15.5mm model from Nokia.
Too much wasted space on top of the screen...which makes it look big (lengthwise) though.

  • Murtaza

I think the E70 is the masterpiece in the whole E-series of Nokia. E50 is fine but still doesn't have a full QWERTY keyboard. Although it has a RealOne player.

  • Kris

Well if you ask me i would say Nokia is trying to beat Sony Ericsson.Cant do that they have deal with devil ...Best phones, smartphones, mp3 and camera phones belong to them.Nice try anyway!!

  • mel

i glad the camera is optional cause in my workplace we are not allowed camera phones for privacy reasons so this will be a real hit!!!

  • tony

this phone is the successor of 6230i which is a phone mostly used by the police etc. So no it hasnt got much features except that it is extremely reliable.

  • harry

i dont like it.its like 3230 or smt like QTEK

  • e

Great design, id buy it if only it had wifi :(

  • Samir

I'm the first one to post!!!

  • Dreadnought

Nice phone, good low-end business phone.

  • User99

why only 1.3 ......??????

  • cuculica

nice poor nokia

  • Aaliyah

its actually a nice phone. i cant say that i totally like it 100% but i think this phone is cool!

  • Jack Ridveira

+Quite slim actually.
+And not too much weight either.
+Better size on buttons.

-Maybe Nokia cut too much features
of this one. (Camera)