Nokia E50

Nokia E50

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  • grant

please what is the size of the screen anybody knows?

  • AuneE BaBa

Good Work Nokia.. Now nokia is coming back to track... only the radio is missing but no worries... the handset has a real professional look

  • ianfrey

looks more like a replacement for the 6310i, seems ok, but lacking a little.

  • Anonymous

Weight is good for a smart phone, good idea to have optional camera as some work places dont allow cameras, pity there is no wifi

  • grant

nice phone no doubt, it seems nokia is downgrading, maybe if we can wait awhile we may get the E10 with no camera as well but affordable and workable --yes patience

  • Anonymous

Don't you read " Optional 1.3 MP camera as accessory"

  • Hans_Daniel_07

Huh?!! Another E-Series addition??but why it is alone?? i don't understand what nokia is trying to play..but this phone is certainly belongs to it is intended as "business phone" that's why it lacks built-in camera..but i should say..i admit! D design wag great..but its really strange releasing this one in juz a snap!Hmmmmmn..

  • ajmak

poor nokia
i'm just suprise how they r selling that much of stupid phones

  • petrov_bulgaria

What a good smartphone? :>

  • cool

nice looking phone! its a tad slim but its big in terms of its length jus like the moto L6/L7 series. quite alot of features but regret the lack of a cam!!