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  • AnonD-551187

to this day this phone receives whatsapp updates and supports everything except the new encryption feature. the side buttons and the power button are terrible and easily fall off. all in all still a nice phone if you dont like touchscreens or smartphones.

  • m142857

I cannot receive SIP (internet) calls, nothing happens, not even starts ringing. In the opposite direction, FROM Nokia, it's OK. Some has the same problem, and solution? thx

  • flight tech

Just dropped this phone from approx 4 meters on concrete floor and it still Works perfectly

  • ripansga

E51 so worthy, i had lost it.
So sad..

  • Yvonne

Still have e 51. Have not used it for years as have new apple.

  • kudinde

nice phone

  • NashAs3b

i have my E51 since 2008 - 09

its still functions.. rubber buttons gone and the led that indicates new msg is not working,, still i can send txt watch youtube chat with whatsapp... i love this phone

  • AnonD-475638

I have my e51 since 2009. It can connect with internet better than the current smartphones, especially at areas with low internet speed. My phone's hardware is already falling apart so my options are: either to buy a middleframe/body or another e51 (second hand is fine as long as it is still in working condition). Does anyone know where I can get one? Tnx!

  • AnonD-58370

Yes. Download it in OVI store/opera mini store, or usually browser that you use.

  • hi there

Terzen, 09 Sep 2015I am still using this phone, i replaced the battery three t... morecan you install whatsApp in Nokia E51?

  • Terzen

I am still using this phone, i replaced the battery three times. even after fully shrink in the water my phone still works fine... i never walk in to a service centre for this phone. Nokia e51 is still my favourite mobile, i wish Nokia again make this type of unique products. i can use Skype, WhatsAap, Video call, MS-Excel, can receive and send email directly through my phone, can shear my High Speed 3G connection through WiFI HotSpot, Is having a very good quality of ear piece... and my very own Nokia Internet Radio, I am still a Nokia Fan.

  • Thin Ice

In response to sohan Aug. 9th 2015:
Yes, I'm still using E51 (Seven years old, and still in mint condition. Battery been replaced twice) and it supports video calls, because it was built to comply with the 3G-324M protocol.
Of course, the other party has to support that protocol too.

Here is a description of the 3G-324M protocol:

  • sohan

is it possible to make vedio call from nokia e51?????

Kiki, 23 Jun 2015I had this back in 2009 and in 2012 my dad bought me Nokia ... moreI'm using the N8 but my E51 is still working too. I had to buy a new battery on eBay (the old one bloated) and the power button fell apart, it's made of rubber. The rest works like on day one.

  • Kiki

I had this back in 2009 and in 2012 my dad bought me Nokia N8. Sadly it encountered System Error and the main menu button is not working until now. I decided to use E51 again and good thing it is still working!

  • Niceguy Nomore

I had my fair share of Nokias in my growth to an Android power user today. Starting with the legendary 3310 I moved with multitudes of Nokias including the radical 7710. my last Symbian phone was the Nokia N8. Loved each and every one of them. At some point I was using two Nokias- the N82 and the N98. The former's battery was not holding charge after more than an year of intense use and so I bought a new original BP- 6MT battery for it. On the second day, I sold the N82 to buy the just launched HTC HD2 (Win 8). The BP- 6MT battery remained. All these years, every few months I used to search online used goods sites for the mobile phones- N82/E51/N81 which are compatible with the BP- 6MT battery. Today I bought a E51 in fairly good condition for INR 900 Rs. Very good deal. Will update how the phone behaves with the unused battery. Would be fun flaunting this old phone along with my other cutting edge tech gadgets and smatphones!

  • S60 fan

Nokia E51 Its better than android phones Lots of words to say about S60 Use it and make the world into ur hand

  • torres

it is nice,fresh,incredible than andriod phone

  • Nazeeb Amina

The nokia E51 is better than android mobiles

  • manuel

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2015great phone now pl informed me is any phone same as nokia e51nokia e52 is much more better than any other phone till today