Nokia E51

Nokia E51

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  • Anonymous

Nokia is the best! Love it!

  • Imran

Guys, just bought NOKIA 6120, just one feature missing WiFi... else trust me its first NOKIA Symbian phone with classic fast browsing with dual camera.

try it price is also very reasonable.

  • Theodore

2 megapixel camera with 4 x digital zoom for high quality still imaging and video capture but without second camera.......

  • mutsumati

dude i hate this kind of keyboard. buttons are too small for men hands. they put everything in their phones and make a stupid tinny keyboard, this is lame.

  • andy burgin

Only thing missing from this mobile to suppport it features was a Flash with the camera an then this mobile would easily be a good seller

  • Meteorite

does it have a pencil button? If there is, this will be my next target cellphone next to the 6120 classic. Finally, symbian s60, a lot of memory and wifi on a small phone!

  • Benson

I am very delighted with this phone! Nokia 6120 Classic with wifi. But it seems that E51 is 1/3 more expensive than 6120 Classic... Still, it looks sexier...

  • John

Great device i must say !!!!keep up the good work nokia !!

  • Anonymous

Yay! WIFI, the only thing missing on my 6120.
I im getting this when it comes out

  • Anonymous

1 where is the symbian boutton
2 there are not alot of applicatiopns for symbian UIQ THERE ARE MORE WITH SYMBIAN .SIS

  • Siddiqui

looks like a great one, not like traditional NOKIA, all positives combined, everything yaaar... dont know what could be the starting price...

  • Anonymous


Slim, sturdly built (with all the metal), light, HSDPA, WLAN and good battery life.

Not bad at all if you ask me!

  • Anonymous

very good enterprise device i would say