Nokia E51

Nokia E51

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  • tengborleng

nokia really makes me crave for their phones! i am currently using E65 and E61i.. now i want my hands on this freaking cool phone!!

i love this and im going to buy this once out in the market.

if it has a flash and front cam, this could be the bomb!!!!

  • Newton Leonardo

i'm gonna get this one.
for my PRIME phone.

yeah e for enterprise

  • Speedy

Still no secondary camera for videocall, do nokia think that a businessman does'nt need a videocall?

  • patrick

GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE, HSDPA, WLAN and BT all in one phone. even IR port. so i don't think there's a good reason why you should complain about the 2MP camera. this is an E-series phone, not an N-series. specifications just fit its name perfectly.

  • Anonymous

this phone is awesome for a business phone. i like the look of my 6234 better but this is much better in almost every other way

  • Lucky

Backspace botton. Nice!

  • Lucky

Hey! I see there's a dedicated

  • wael

nokia come on where is your sport mobile phone after the noika 5500 sport ....

  • Anonymous

Just when I thought Nokia have lost it for good with their last few models (PRISM series, 3500 for example) they come out with this decent looking and nicely featured phone. Very well done.

  • Ross

this phone is gorgeous!!!!
it's not photo camera!
it's business phone!

  • Anonymous


  • Dr Ahsan Suleman

Basically a 6120 classic with E tag plus 13grams plus wifi minus flash very similar keypad not at all bad

  • sam

its great to have an opinion and all but seriousley... you guys should take a break, if it had a flash it would be a best seller? the damn thing is thin, light and has everything imaginable in it including wlan... finally a symbian with wlan thats not going to feel like carrying a brick in your pocket, and people still whine!!

  • ALE

OK, here's the official information from Nokia's website:
It runs on "Symbian 9.2 S60 3.1 Feature Pack 1", it has of course a MP3 Player & Visual Radio, and it has a LED indicator for incoming e-mails, messages and missed calls.
Check for more details.
One thing I do not know is wheter it has a loudspeaker and where it is located.

  • hearty

just want to ask does it have mp3?

  • Anonymous

is it accurate that the specs lists this as running Symbian 9.1? seems like a step back...

  • Zobi

mmm... me likey!!

  • ALE

"Symbian OS 9.1" ??
Good job Nokia, it even has a FM Radio. That's a rare feature among E-Series phones.

  • Anonymous

It should have been great! Missed the flash and video call.

  • Vikas

charismatic looks...
great design...
full of exceptionally all round features...

a masterpiece....

surely go for it..