Nokia E51 camera-free

Nokia E51 camera-free

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  • PAT123

E51 was focused to a business phone. Even today some companies have camera prohibition inside the factory, so it makes sense to build phones without cameras. And 12 years ago, the camera quality was quite low.

Dope phone

  • Jp

arun, 09 Apr 2017may i know where ou bought this The best phone

Camera-free? It's not like this phone is any cheaper, the normal Nokia E51 is the same price. I guess I'm looking at it from a perspective in 2018 but in 2008 it probably was cheaper. I don't know.

  • arun

Nokia Fan, 08 Mar 2015Bought this E51 non camera at below US$20 a week ago just t... moremay i know where ou bought this

  • Anonymous

why nokia?! why???!!! this is so embarrasing!!! i don't even want to know that it exists!!!

  • Nokia Fan

Bought this E51 non camera at below US$20 a week ago just to try out for fun. Reason I bought this phone was because it's Symbian OS, cool looking metal casing, and at such a low price who wouldn't want to try it out.

First thing I noticed was the rubber buttons at both sides and the power switch starting to peel off very badly, so bad that the whole button simply disappeared, but still usable. Most likely due to aging process.

Battery life fairly short, about 2 days max. Can't complaint much because it's quite normal for such an old phone.

Display is quite clear with adjustable brightness. On top of the left side above the screen there is a white Led light which I not quite sure what's that for. It only lite up when I switched on the phone.

Quite easy to open up the back casing for changing battery or sim card, unlike the Nokia phone today, so difficult to open.

I tried most of the functions, and they work fine except for the calendar, somehow it's jam. Even after resetting the phone, the calendar doesn't work. Also, it's not easy to find working symbian apps and games for this phone, even if I found some cool apps to download, most of the time it doesn't work, or expired certificate.

The key pad buttons seems to be a bit tiny for me, always end up pressing the wrong button, especially both top left and right menu buttons.

Speed of this phone is quite reasonably fast compared to my other new low end candy bar model eg. Nokia 206.

Because of the metal casing, the phone heats up pretty fast while charging. Best is put it somewhere cool while charging, eg. on the floor.

Can be quite annoying if you use an expired sim card, which I normally use for testing phone. It will prompt you every 10 seconds that the sim card registration failed.

Okay, I think that's about it. My final say about this phone is it's still quite an interesting phone to experiment with. Made by Nokia, and not Microsoft which gives me that classic user friendly feel. Buy it only if it's cheap.

  • Sameer Alam

Dear Sir,

I want to buy Nokia E51 W/O Camera, New or Old. So plz reply me if available.


  • Prkah

Reseles non Camer Phone pleae one new model

phone With tich phones without camer

  • bb

Sudeep, 07 Jun 2010Can you tell me where I can get E52 non camera phone in Mum... morehi did you find this phone... or have you got anyother better option in non camera model

  • selvaa

I need this mobile without camera E51.please send me the price and how can I get this mobile

  • Anonymous

how can i get it this phone

  • AnonD-291198

price?and how i can get it?

  • putta

how to on/off packet data connection? Since if i have no internet pack activated, then i will lose my accoun balance by apps which uses data.

  • ali

fahad, 25 Aug 2012any one know where cn i find brand new e51 free camera .. c... morei need 5 nokia e51 without cemra so can u tell me where i buy it abu dhabi

  • Jay

fahad, 25 Aug 2012any one know where cn i find brand new e51 free camera .. c... more

  • fahad

any one know where cn i find brand new e51 free camera .. contact me plz ..

  • Anonymous


  • muin

What is camera free , 13 Dec 2011Hey guys what is the difference between camera free and the... morecamera free is the best mobile and also good than camera phone nokia e52

  • muin

Kind, 15 Nov 2011Can anybody tell me how much this handphone and where can i... moreIn Indian currency this mobile nokia e51 price is 8000/Rs and in Saudi Arab 720SR. bye