Nokia E51 camera-free

Nokia E51 camera-free

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  • Stupid Nokia

camera-free = loosing idea for giving the name!

  • Anonymous

Ok. Looks wise. i think it looks great, though compared to say the Samsung E590, this looks like... Jen Hawkins compared to cactus. :) this should sell well with the business types not interested in camera etc etc. looks wise though, loves it.

  • who needs a cam

nokia did a good thing here most of these stupid features don't get used anyway, it's bussiness mobile who needs stupid cameras on there mobiles thay knew it was a crazy idear in the first place anyway to put cams on mobiles but the crazyass people still brought the dam phones because of the stupid camera on the phone great phone

  • Dani

this is not my type of phone anyway
and most of the E-Series camera's are worthless anyway so its good when they dont put them into phones waste of camera

  • wells

Gr8 work by Nokia....some good phone with no camera...if some music features are added to this other phone can beat this one.

  • myak

Great Work from Nokia, camera for kids

  • Anonymous

Great move my Nokia by not giving a camera in Business phone.

  • Anonymous

It's funny that the uneducated people don't understand why there is a non camera version of a BUSINESS handset. I'm not in a business where I can't have a camera but I fully understand why they did this. Hell not like the 2mp camera on the e51 i got is any good. I'd almost rather not have the camera.

  • Bas

The reason why they launch this camera-free version is that in some companies you cannot have a (business) phone with camera. By releasing this one they expand their market for this excellent phone (i have the e51 with camera)

  • Anonymous

i think nokia has no new innovative ideas so they r jus coming out with camera n without camera versions wat a shame!!!! hahahahah

  • Jon2

If I'm correct, Nokia did the same thing with E50. There's a camera version and a non-camera version. Nokia is really diversifying their range. Great marketing strategy. Just like what they did with Nokia N81 8GB and standard N81. BTW this is a compliment.

  • vmin81

it nice fone

  • Anonymous

weight is same dimensions are same! what is the difference except camera? what is point producing the version.

  • Sikorsky

I really like this handsets design. Nice and solid. Features are better than ok and overall it seems to be good phone for people who do use digicams already :)

  • ck complaince offic

i hope it ll be more than the E 50 may god bless those who created this phone thk

  • praveen

no battery life