Nokia E66

Nokia E66

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  • Cosmin

My battery also lasted 1-2 days at the begining (first 2 charge cycles), but now it lasts for at least 3 days.

it is a very good and beautiful phone, yahoo!go and navigation is awesome!

  • Giganten

Olivier....., 12 Aug 2008ok please answer me- this is the last time. what is an accelerometer?an accelerometer is a nice gizmo that knows which way the phone is tiltet. So if you hold it sideways, the menus will be displayed properly.

Nice for watching pictures in the photobook and there is a good blend between panoramas and portraits. Just tilt your phone and the picture will tilt accordingly.

  • Anonymous

nokia e66, 14 Aug 2008the best mobile is the nokia n95 8gbbest mobile is the nokia e90

  • Anonymous

Robert, 12 Aug 2008White Steel or Grey Steel? I need an answer quickly.White Steel

  • nokia e66

the best mobile is the nokia n95 8gb

  • Anonymous

Please asisst urgently, does the handset offer the option to view e-mail attachments in the following formats:
Excel, PDF, Powerpoint, Word, Zip.

  • Alex

Trust me. I've had this for the last 5 days , this is the best Nokia phone ever.
New menus,upgraded interface,very very sleek look,very nice overall !

Go try it !

  • Robert

White Steel or Grey Steel? I need an answer ASAP! Im buying the phone soon

  • GM

I had a brief experience with the Samsung Soul, which I hated, and looking for a sony ericsson or nokia to replace....I really like the look and sound of this phone, the form factor suits me better than the E71, the N95/N96 is way too fat and I've got a 7MP canon digicam so a phone cam's nice for random snaps so no worries it hasn't got Zeiss optics...but it's disappointing to hear some of the user opinions below - are the GSM Arena peeps going to review? Currently only available to Vodafone business customers in the UK, no other network's carrying it :(

And can somebody translate dose msgs B-Low in2 Inglish coz I can't understand dem


  • Anonymous

any bad comments about this phone?

  • Anonymous

i rili cant imagine y nokia is releasing dis kind of units(E66)without passing d quality control?hey please Nokia People,hear our grievances w/dis e66 dat really sucks!we r spending 21thou here in d Philippines 2 buy dis cp but we r r u hapi with dis result?

  • Anonymous

hi i just bought dis deceiving E66 at a store in greenhills 4days ago.gosh!i cant open d camera and the displayed showedCAMERA IN USE BY ANOTHER APPLICATION.battery life only lasts 4 1-2 days and its really slow.i think anyone hu wants 2 buy dis phone shud try 2 concider other cps.honestly its not worth buying ryt now.ive changed my units twice but still same concerns.maybe Nokia shud try 2 fix ol d cus2mers concerns esp units here in the Philippines dat has a 1year warranty at any Nokia centers.we r buying brandnew cps dat shud be a worry free 1 yet nokia is letting dis concerns 2 ruin d trust dat were giving.please dont deceive ol ur millions of cus2mers coz i bliv it will fire back at you NOKIA PEOPLE

  • wayne

just bought this phone a week, nice look n great design.


There are noisy sound surrounding when do video recording... anyone facing this problem also? kindly advice me for this problem....

  • Odobi O. James

The E66. is very good.I want to ask. Does this product contact virus?.If No, Why is it slow?

  • Tom mickey

I've got my hands on a E66 yesterday wow its really slow compared to my N82 I thought it would be faster!!!

Its good that I didn't go for this cell after using the old E65

  • Olivier

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2008accelerometer is a MEMS(micro electro mechanical sensor) which s... moreOk thanx man

  • basel

this phone have a vere nice design and alot off features

  • Anonymous

Olivier, 10 Aug 2008OK, what is better about this phone than the nokia e51!!?it looks hotter lol

  • Rahul

to Olivier---i myself use e51 bt i wud recommend e66 as i am thinking 2 get dat.

  • Anonymous

Olivier....., 12 Aug 2008ok please answer me- this is the last time. what is an accelerometer?accelerometer is a MEMS(micro electro mechanical sensor) which senses the acceleration in x,y directions.
this is used for auto rotation of phone displays.
in automobiles its used to detect a crash so as to blow up the airbags.
it can also be used to start/stop/pause or any other mobile functions by shaking the mobile in certain fashion (of course the embedded software should support this kind of detection)