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Nokia E7

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  • Jakes

Why is it that they advertise and yet we can only get it about 1 year later in South Africa?
I'm ready to buy a proper device, yet only forced to look forward to the N8. :-(
This is seriously the biggest 'downer' in a long long time. Will have to pay through my ears to import this 'grey product'. (sigh)

  • Diego Maradona

Ohhhhhhh My God.........The screen resembles a Theatre Hall screen with so less Colour Frequency.

It would be fun to have a phone like this where it would give you experience of watching 1960's movie effects over a 4inch screen with low graded colour Resolution.

Are the Nokia Developers eating grass for the last couple of months, or they are just engaged in designing new Facias to give new names to their phones.

  • 0v0

Prince Of Persia, 25 Oct 2010is it support DivX/XviD ?Yes.Of-course


then it is a good player?

  • Srikar

I will buy it if it has [1]Memory Expansion slot [2]FM Transmitter [3] 12MP Camera [4] Lens Cover --

I can live with ordinary dispaly 360x460 - Even with this display it is okay but not without the above wish list.

This is a wonderful phone, but without the wish list -- I really love the QWERTY key pad & the way it slides.



how much is this appliance is suitable?

  • 0v0

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2010The phone uses EDOF which replaces auto-focus. Apparently has it... moreExactly my friend. Thanks GOD got someone understanding about this issue. I was trying to clarify the same in-terms of E7 will take great photos .

Really nice to have someone like you mate...;)


sunny garg, 25 Oct 2010good phone & very stylish goodlooking but price are very hig... moremy dear u expecting an E series covering almost all facilities(up 2 date)2 cost u btwn 15k-18k....?
its been put up 30000/- INR.....chck out the link below....­-Nokia-E7.html?id=Grey

  • Anonymous

xpert, 24 Oct 201012MP camera? I think you've mistaken this phone for N8. This ... moreThe phone uses EDOF which replaces auto-focus. Apparently has it's floors (no macro mode) but generally great for taking 'snaps'

  • Prince Of Persia

is it support DivX/XviD ?

  • sunny garg

good phone & very stylish goodlooking but price are very high upto my range rs.15000-18000/ please down some price my request for you.

  • xpert

Srikar, 23 Oct 2010Expected -- Good to have -- a 12 MP Camera Bad to see -- No ... more12MP camera? I think you've mistaken this phone for N8.

This phone dont even has an auto focus feature!!

  • xpert

0v0, 24 Oct 2010Nokia expects the E7 to be available during the fourth quarter o... moreat this price, why wouldn't anyone consider the iPhone instead?

I like the overall but still not convinced with the lesser apps in Ovi Store.

  • xpert

drsh, 24 Oct 2010what about FM transmitter?you'll fins FM Tx quite useless.
I am using Nokia N900 and always tries to stream my music in my car but the Tx power is just too weak.

  • Zo*

i want it :( it is so beautiful

  • xpert

can't believe Nokia intentionally left a flaw in the camera spec. Fixed Focus? U must be kidding me!!

Out of my waiting list!!

  • 0v0

hasem, 24 Oct 2010I Can Buy It...You can buy it but not now. Still not released.
This E7 will will be the best ever Nokia released. Really cant wait to get 1... ;)

  • hasem

I Can Buy It...

  • drsh

what about FM transmitter?

  • Anonymous

cool ...