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  • Bekhzod

AJ, 22 Sep 2010Guys help me out here, can this phone EDIT the documents rather ... moreYes you can edit any documents you want. but the pdf format is questionable one. But you will be able to edit, view, change, import images, export images, and others more in working word documents, excel and power point slides as well.

  • Jignesh

NO document editor its too toooo bad as like E series phone, Camera 8mp But fixed focus too toooo bad, Hd recording 24fps it should 30fps too toooo bad. Processor is should 1ghz not 680 too old fashion, No divx player, no super amoled, Worst part is no DOCUMENT EDITOR IN "E" phone. M nokia fan but dont like this

  • GAME

well, there's corrections in the specification as this phone has 32GB expendable memory card slot...I've seen it in the review of this phone & its much better phone then N8 for sure & it may cost around $800...


this phone is teh bestest phone in teh worlds i have 7 of them all strapped together to make a 56 mega pixle camera telephones

  • Anonymous

Why do people here always complain about its 256 mb of physical RAM? Did you know that this phone uses VISUAL RAM same as nokia n8? Yes, you heard it right! It is actually more than enough than its other competitors. Good job nokia!

  • Anonymous

AJ, 22 Sep 2010Guys help me out here, can this phone EDIT the documents rather ... moreNormally you can BUY the ability to edit documents...

  • Anonymous

Cost is 30,000 INR

  • the game

i think these photos are fake. pls check out in zoom view.

  • Anonymous

fixed focus they reckon software will solve buisness card scanning???? low battery,forget music times the minute you start web browsing you will get 4 hrs,low res screen no card slot only SLOW internal memory,for god sake nokia where are you going ??

  • Anonymous

yes this phone edit the docs ,word,excel and ppy

  • Lindomar

Again... No autofocus ??? Come on nokia somebody needs to be fired...

  • Don

why is the resolution of the phone not fit for a 4inch screen cellphone? hmmm.. somewhat pixelated...

  • Angie

Nokia will have to promote meego as well as it promoted symbian in some power horse devices earlier. Once meego get the hearts of the crowd, it will be the OS of choice. Till then, Nokia will have to stay with Symbian.

Hopefully it won't exceed 3,000 EGP

  • Anonymous

680MHZ and 256 RaM for every nokia 2010 high end models and still charge as expensive as iphone 4?? What a rip off!! Nokia lives in 2009 when apple and android all use 1GHZ and 512 MB ram as std now.

  • brynn

Tanmoy, 22 Sep 2010n8 or e7 ? difficult...........n8 of course the e7 has fixed slow memory plus fixed focus cam its a fix..

  • Tanmoy

n8 or e7 ? difficult...........

  • Anonymous

Jadee, 21 Sep 2010wich is better Nokia e7 or Nokia n900 ?its e7 all the time coz of following reasons:
4.0 inch capacitive vs 3.2 inch resistive
better looks
bluetooth 3.0 vs 2.1
usb charging &usb otg vs none
720p hd video recording vs vga video reecording
8 mp camera vs 5 mp camera

but n900 has following plus points
meamo operatig system
better multitasking

  • Attiq

i think e7 ix better then n8!

  • R

come on guys you cant pik this ova the n8. they are both great ;lookin phones with good camera and features but the n8 gota b the better purchase. there just looks like the n8 got the edge. if they ever arrive in the uk lol

  • Anonymous

Nokia N8