Nokia E71

Nokia E71

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  • AL

bas, 02 Sep 2010nice mobile with all features. my only problem is the voice is v... moreits a buisiness class phone and not a music edition so u'll find it low as compared to any other music phone.

  • Shanu

I dropped my phone in a bucket of water some days back. I opened the phone completely and left for a day. The phone worked like before. It was like the best day of my life. You can rely blindly on this phone. It rocks to the core and will touch the bottom of your heart. You'll love the phone.

  • Rajesh. K.N

Nokia E71 is an Business Class Mobile. It is very user friendly in all ways...


Ochewa , 02 Sep 2010I am intending to buy E71 but want to know whether it is compati... moreit is very compatible with Microsoft outlook email? so i implore u to go straight and get it, the phone indeed is a machine any day, anytime friend. Jonathan

  • Ochewa

I am intending to buy E71 but want to know whether it is compatible with Microsoft outlook email? Somebody who has ever used it in this combination please help!

  • kevin coutinho

vivek, 01 Sep 2010it is very wonderful phone. with 3G tecnology.its indian price i... morehe dude.....its RS.13,000

  • Dirk

Hey guys,

bought the E71 yesterday, but can you make the text in a message bigger ? I ve chosen already the large text in the menu, but this seems not to work while making or reading a text message :-(

Thanks in advance !

  • bas

nice mobile with all features. my only problem is the voice is very can i rectify it?

  • Ronny Cordoba Badill

Nokia E71 is a solid phone...if you ever wanted the perfect conmbination for music playback, get yourself also Nokia Bluethoot BH 214, a Sandisk or Kingston 8 or 16 GB Micro SD Class 4...and some Crative earbuds EP 630...price-quality relationship of these items is amazing...the sound is great and the mobility 100%!!! look for reviews before you buy!!! You wont regret it!!!


great phone........
full qwerty keyboard,hi speed internet,music & others,complete packet,using this phone for almost 1 year,noproblem,good battery life,lasts 4 days after heavy use......
good modem speed while using with a pc,friendly interface,good typing experience.

don't use the cover given with the phone,it discolours the keypad.
i've used n70,n73,i swear,it's the best phone.value for money.
keep touched........
-z.t.mahir from mymensingh,dhaka,bangladesh

  • Birthday Wish

I just got this phone for my birthday, and I am loving every bit of it. It's so easy to use, better than my previous phone, and I haven't had a single problem with it so far. Very efficient and user friendly. The screen however, is very fragile and should be kept away form sharp objects that may cause scratching to the surface of the screen.

  • vivek

VICTORIA, 30 Aug 2010how is audio quality of this phone???is it better than nokia 580... moreit is very wonderful phone. with 3G tecnology.its indian price is about 22,000.

  • Anonymous

my dream phone.. got it last august 25 2010..

my problem is.. overheat of the battery.. and i charge it everyday.. what should i do?? please help.. its alaways silent, and its on sleep mode..

  • hts

Please can you help me

my E71 claculator not working give me
calculator:feature not supported

  • Xian

Hi, is it possible to put the camera in silent mode??
Thx in advance.

  • Nouja

Best phone ever released :)) i've been using it for over 2 years now with no problems.. No phone competes :D
just missing 2 things: optical track pad & a higher res. camera (supposedly in E72)

  • Krunal

Its good business phone, with this phone you need not to connect with you pc for Internet and any other purpose, you will find everything on it.

  • tuntun

does it has music system? mainly i want to know can i listen to music in E71?

  • sachin kundu

i m facing a problem nowadays...when i transfer any file from pc to my mobile like.sis files they automatically changed to .ink format..............plz tell me what to do ...plz help.,.

  • ciaro

just got mine e71.can you store music and videos and pictures if u dont have a memo card????