Nokia E71

Nokia E71

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  • dipti

VinayT, 31 Aug 2010Dipti, Multi Scanner is being given with E72. Probably, if yo... morethanks vinay, i will check on nokia site again but then what about rt gr software, do u knw whr can i get it

  • andi

it only cost @ IDR 2.325.000 in Indonesia (USD 1 = IDR 9.000),,,good value for a great smart phone,,,

  • johny

great phone...i like it =).

  • jagjit minhas

oopppsy..! sorry just misspelled ur name.. :p

hope u don't mind...

and plz reply bout both phones m eagerly w8ing for ur reply...

  • Avinash

The phones is good use the sound is not loud but it has everything

  • Anonymous

Steve, 28 Aug 2010Lovely phone, but i'm having little prob. Any time I try to conn... moreSteve,

On your phone goto Menu->Connectivity->USB->USB Conn Mode. Here if you select PC Suite mode, you would be take to PC Suite when you connect to the PC/laptop. There are other choices too. Try them as well for other purposes.

  • VinayT

dipti, 30 Aug 2010Hey vinay, i downloaded the softwares from and moreDipti,

Multi Scanner is being given with E72. Probably, if you change your handset to E72 on the Nokia site, it may show this SW. Try it. Other one I am not aware of. And If I have not missed it, probably you will also survive without it. ;).

  • Harsha

Vinay, 30 Aug 2010Plz Tell Me Hows Battrey Back Upmore than 3 days without music/gps/vamera

  • viewer

Does anybody knows whats the problems with this phone I have to face?????


how is audio quality of this phone???is it better than nokia 5800 express music???and what is the indian price of this phone???pls reply!!!

  • dipti

VinayT, 15 Aug 2010Dipti, Firstly, welcome to the E71 world. Secondly, dont worry... moreHey vinay, i downloaded the softwares from and but am not able to get two softwares which is Multiscanner and RT GR on any website...can you please help me out.
Thanks in advance.

  • prithvi

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2010pretty impressive. battery life is good and app loading faster t... moretill now i have changed nearly 8 phones and the best is the nokia e71.
i love it a lot. dont go for touch screens. my phone has felldown nearly 4times but it was not even 1% damaged.i request all the people to buy this so dat u too can nojy the features...thank u

  • Vinay

Plz Tell Me Hows Battrey Back Up

  • willy

have you installed the pc suite for your mobile? if not then install it first.

  • raj

sajid jst do one thing jst restore your factory settings frm the setting menu and u would surely be able to connect it to your laptop

  • Anonymous

I really like The Nokia E71 is simply a brilliant phone, it was responsive and over all was a quality piece of work. full features, very solid construction, small, strong, and built like a tank.

  • karan raj

this phone is great. I am using this phone from 4 month. I am totally satisfied with this gives the challenge to nokia n series has great features and keypad and camera are mindblowing.this phone is super up
Super up
Super up

  • sajjad

can url pls tell me hw to delete lotus traveller and chat permanently which was there wen i updated the phone.......i deleted it and it cums back as i restart it

  • cubata

saology, 27 Aug 2010where can i update my nokia E71.i found the pc suite worked really well, if you can get a copy.

  • Anonymous

saology, 27 Aug 2010where can i update my nokia E71.via the nokia website. you need to download the software update program