Nokia E71

Nokia E71

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  • AnonD-95113

hey bro , if u got an any software problem or internally Bluetooth or wifi , here's the fix back up everything your data , contacts, gallery , messages etc
type this in the home screen

then yes ,
and phone gets restart , (takes some time dont panik)
this will leads to phone hard reset and completely restores your mobile like an new one ,
hope you guys found the fix !
Good Luck ! :)

  • lewissone

this phone is magic
I discover new things from it every day.
Has any one ever use it with a compatible bluetooth keyboard

  • sachu

its the best ph i ever used nice look and nice to use and hiogh speed internet

  • Anu

camera and sound worst & music lovers do not buy this phone.i recomend

  • obodai

can i get a housing for this phone

  • albert einstein

this is the best phone ever built......... i love this phone very much. all the things i want is there in this phone

  • Anupama

Andy, 27 Dec 2012I am using E71 since 3 years. From few days my phone is getting ... moreit is a software problem brother

  • hash

my wifi iz not working ....iz thr software problm or any thing else plz help..

  • Andy

I am using E71 since 3 years. From few days my phone is getting rebooted often. I am not sure about the problem.

Can anyone please suggest me in this regard.

  • rusty 69

tying to find con convertion program to conert films tp phone format

  • arranvishnu

its good for internettelephone excellent support and voip call dialers also good

  • sin

In dis mob apps will use very frequently without attackn any virus............Model was superb i ever saw in my lyftime till nw.....I LUV NOKIA E71 it is very thin nd looks very pretty ....

  • D Pledge

I wonder why it doesn't support Viber. The camera too is not all that clearly. I also want to know how to use front camera very well. Can u adjust it so it can support viber?

  • Seedorf

sharoz, 24 Nov 2012when i install any app or theme it shows certificate error how c... moreU will flash ur,,it will be ok

  • AnonD-93167

I'm loving this phone. I thought it's soo slow but it's not, it's fast! and I love the design, it so sleek and thin. My phone right now and i got the grey color. :)

  • Anonymous

my nokia e71 is good.its an awesome mobile bt the only fault is th2.5mm jack it shld hav been givn a 3.5mm jack bnt still other than ths th mobile is great.......!!!!!!!

  • Masduit

Anonymous, 21 Dec 2012dear tuk, I don't think you can use internet via wifi n your ta... moremy tablet also cant detect my e71 joiku wifi set, but my laptop can.. I think tablet cant use joiku wifi set

  • Zee

How to use front camera in e71 on skype and other applications.

Please let me know........

  • Tushar

Best phone ever used by me...... Net speed is simply outstanding.....!! But the camera quality should be improved by nokia.......

  • romanus

i enjoy using dis fone buh abt 2 months ago i nsertd a mcard n2 id buh aftawads i couldnt assess ma apps such as watzap,ebudy nd d rest.. Any hlp pls..?