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Nokia E71

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  • WaLdZ

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2009Actually i find it awful. it's my second nokia ever and i loathe... moreHow long have you been used it?
mine still 6 months and I recharge it once in 2 days.

  • WaLdZ

Cmentle, 22 Mar 2009Could anyone tell me a good site to download free apps for the E...

Just both of them that I know. Enjoy.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2009Battery life in this cellphone is just amazing! Actually i find it awful. it's my second nokia ever and i loathe the way the battery dies and have to recharge it daily, used to recharge my SE every four days!!!!

  • Cmentle

Could anyone tell me a good site to download free apps for the E71? Many thanks in advance!

  • Ali Karimjee

How can I change the snooze settings, currently it rings every 5 minutes.

  • Original_Jamaican

e71 or e63, 22 Mar 2009i read comments of e63, it says that it can even read the messag... moreYes the E71 can read messages aloud. So can the E51 and the E61i and more E series I'm sure.

  • Original_Jamaican

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2009the main problem of this fone is that it doesnt have any problem... moreGood one...the only problem is that there's no problem (smile).

  • Original_Jamaican

Skv, 21 Mar 2009You realize that going by the IMEI, even "Finnish" Nokias are st... moreIn checking the IMEIs for my Nokia phones which states they were manufactured in European countries...the 7th and 8th digits all said 01 respectively.

Regardless, I have used Nokias made in other countries, Brazil being one of them and I am yet to see quality issues. Nokia offcial centres conform to a certain standard and it is inspected and tested vigorously before going on the market. So apart from the noticeable screen brightness and picture quality / picture colour differences (where colour screen Nokias are concerned) there's no serious quality issues otherwise...for example reception and reliability operation.

  • virus23

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2009Its rubbish top company certifies its origin Made in Finland but... moreyour so true you some thing for a you to enjoy yet you are not

  • Gihan

How is the mp3 sound quality when u listen from quality headphones like sennheiser cx300. how does it compare to w960 of sony ericsson

  • Anand

how to store contact and sms onto the memory card? Can it be done directly without first getting it to the phone memory?

  • Piltox

i replaced the fone which had prblems....this new one is working perfect...nuthing come up as of yet...
i love this fone :)
true this fone has problems...u need to be lucky to get the right one wthout problems :P

  • kriviras

This is the best phone :)

  • jaideep

i bought this phone before pne month. i can confidently tell u,anytime u prefer this phone.First its regarding battery life, its just amazing.Im very much happy with this phone.Very good Nokia keep it up.Nice Nice Nice phone guys.

  • Anonymous

does it charge when connectes to a computer via a usb cable ??

thx in advance

  • e71 or e63

i read comments of e63, it says that it can even read the messages. can this phone do the same??

  • e71 or e63

man i just loved this phone and was planning to buy this. but little afraid now after seeing the comments abt the bugs... what to do,confused!!

  • cituandu007

i wanna buy this phone , i have a 2g iphone and i think that this nokia is better in every way .. can anybody tell me why not to buy it? please i need an answer (my yahoo messenger id is cituandu007)

  • Dor Dor

This is a very good phone I ever have before, when you play with all function, you will love to use it, can on wifi anytime when you have a net work, easy to check email and even can chat on line, GOOD.....

  • Anonymous

which is louder in terms of the built-in speaker? e71 or e63?