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  • BeYonD ThE InVisiBLe


There is no problem with the battery i m using this handset since from 5month's but never faced the problem about the battery
I have only a Complain the Camera is not good
Otherwise there is No Problem...

BeYonD ThE InVisiBLe

  • Original_Jamaican

To ALL the people who complains that their E71's battery run out too quickly:

Do you have GSM mode selected only OR you have both DUAL mode selected (GSM/3G) ? If you don't use 3G then there's no need to have it enabled. That decreases battery life.

Also, you can try setting your OPERATOR MODE to Manual instead of AUTOMATIC. When it's set to AUTOMATIC it scans for your network continously.

Also ensure that no programs are running in the background, not even contacts (smile).

Some 3rd party programs run in the background but doesn't show in the taskbar. Anti-virus and blacklist programs which block unwated calls. If you installed any programs like those beware.

Ensure that settings like WLAN AVAILABILITY is set to OFF as this scans for WLAN networks every second or so.

And as I mentioned in my last post...if you have a dedicated Wi-Fi router at work or home lower the TX POWER LEVEL to 4mW or even 10mW. ONLY use 100mW if you are picking up feeds on the road or from other homes in your neighbourhood while you are in YOUR house.

Other than the aforementioned, you can try discharging your battery completely until the phone cannot turn back on and charge it overnight. Repeat the process once or twice more thereafter.

If you all follow my steps I'm certain you will see improvement in your battery life.

  • Original_Jamaican

For all those who wants more power from their E71's battery when using Wi-Fi please bear this in mind:

If you want a bit less power consumption you can change the Wi-Fi TX POWER LEVEL to 4mW or 10mW. It is set to 100mW by default.

The advantage is that the battery won't heat up as much when using Wi-fi...especially when you are on a VOIP call. The fact that the battery doesn't get hot when set to a lower transmission power level should obviously mean that less power is being used.

The disadvantage is that the reception is weaker and you are less likely to pick up a signal feed unless you have a Wi-Fi router at home or work.

Feeding from a Wi-Fi router while on the road will be unlikely to happen UNLESS the TX POWER LEVEL is set to 100mW. For example, from my bedroom I am able to connect with Wi-Fi routers from my neighbourhood when the TX is set to 100mW but if I lower the TX to 4mW I don't pick up at all and setting it to 10mW normally picks up the neighbour's signal but it's a weak ONLY set it lower than 100mW if you have a dedicated Wi-Fi router at home or work.

If you have a Wi-FI router at home or work and set it to 4mW, you will see that the signal remains strong, you will even achieve connection speeds of 100% depending on how close you are to your Wi-Fi router. So 4mW is NOT bad at all BUT works best when you have a dedicated Wi-Fi router.

Experiment with the transmission power level settings and see which setting works best based on your situation. Playing around with the settings will yield different results depending on the distance range between you and a Wi-Fi router.

But remember, a lower TX POWER LEVEL means less battery consumption.

  • Original_Jamaican

lynx, 14 Mar 2009Guys i Bought Nokia E71 white two weeks ago. I have a question. ... moreLYNX,

Forget everything else you said. The fact that you run Wi-Fi for 8 hours is impressive. Wi-Fi is a battery eater and you run it fot 8 hours so I would say that's mighty impressive.

So of course the answer is YES what you are experiencing is normal.

The average Wi-Fi phone would run out of power in about 4 hours.

Appreciate your battery power, it's mighty!!!

  • Gary Quan

This fone is fantastic, although there are not gadgety fiddly hardware to play with, ther perhipherals are fantastic.

this dievice is like a small computer.

  • xliliu

i sent a text message to my friend, and i dont know what's the problem. The text message can not send, and moved to outbox. It shows me that is sending for a long time. I couldn't delete it and plz someone tell me how can i solve the problem. Thanks so much

  • fooled

As they improved keypads bigger and shortened space bar with 3.5 mm jack in E63, rest its perfect after latest update. I cant understand also usind P1 since 2007 never updated but perfect, why Nokia risks cutomers money and starts with in weeks updates.
Nonsense still people are fooled

  • lynx

Guys i Bought Nokia E71 white two weeks ago. I have a question. My phone usage for the whole day will be . 5-6 Calls 5-10 mins, Wifi Connectivity in my office (approx 8 hours)for SIP-VoiP phone. GPRS connectivity Always for Mail for Exchange. Nokia Email Service. my phone goes approx one day on a complete recharge is that normal??

  • viz

Kimi, 14 Mar 2009HELP WANTED i've got this handset 2 weeks ago and it's real... moreUse the phone explorer from windows explorer. u can create any number of folders and store any data.

  • Afsar

Can any one let me know how to receive fax on E71?

  • Ahmed Hossain

Except the camera works, i think it is still the best of all other nokia sets.

  • Mahadev

well never think twicw to own this phone...its going to make u feel love with it if u use it once....lovely and techincally stupendous...dont expext a phone to be perfect but u have this u irritate ur mind to find shortcomings....

  • Kimi


i've got this handset 2 weeks ago and it's really awesome in every sense of the word.
i got 3 questions here and i'll appreciate if anyone can answer as quickly as possible:

1-how we can transfer the folders to the handset without the handset deleting the folders automatically and putting them in photos, or movies.
for instance, i've many song albums, when i've tried to copy and paste them in the memory card in the music section,,all of them has been only in one file and that was very frustrating if u got like over 700 songs,,,i want them in separate folders not in the same one for god's sake.
and of course it's the same for pictures bcz i've a lot of events and when i've tried to do the same...i got over 900 pictures in the same why on the hell the handset don't recognize that i wanted so,,,taking in consideration that I'm transferring them in many folders not one

2-i really adore emoticonsssss, so is there any program can add emoticons to this handset!!!

3-the photo call is really small, is there any program that can enlarge the pic when someone is calling me

that's, i'd appreciate if any one can answer me...thx a lot

  • Haris

Mustafa, 13 Mar 2009Very bad phone. Not worthed for this high price at all. 1. Pho... moreMustafa, You are just jealous from this exellent device
i dont know why but you are just giving fake comments about this as this is the best ever mobile in the market till now and there is no problem which you are defining so pls be positive.....regards

  • Shah

Original_Jamaican, 13 Mar 2009AMIR, I just compared the E71 and Omnia side by side and to t... moreI had bought 1 set of E71. I used it on the first day after charging for 8 continuous hours. It did not last me beyond 3 hours. I am a very heavy voice-call user (though not all 3 hours were voice call but about 2 hours approximately). I swapped the battery and still the same result.
I bought another one on the second (after buying the 1st one) for a friend not knowing that the battery life is poor. he complained of the same issue. He is also a heavy voice-call user (approximately 1.5 hours of continuous call).
Could there be something that I may be overlooking?
The GSM Arena Specification page says 10 hours on 2G network and 4 hours on a 3G network. My service provider gives us 3G though in my town they have not rolled out the 3G.

  • p.a

Original_Jamaican, 13 Mar 2009AMIR, I just compared the E71 and Omnia side by side and to t... morei am agree with u buddy!
tanx for ur compare!

  • p.a

Mustafa, 13 Mar 2009Very bad phone. Not worthed for this high price at all. 1. Pho... morei am sure u r wrong!!!!!

  • Original_Jamaican

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970AMIR,

I just compared the E71 and Omnia side by side and to tell the truth, the Omnia is real impressive in specs.

However, these are the things GSMArena sees as a downfall:

* No stylus slot
* Poor sunlight legibility
* Memory card not hot-swappable
* Non-standard display resolution
* No dedicated 3D accelerator
* Non-standard USB port
* Web browser lacks real Flash support

The E71 has excellent sunlight legibility (I have seen it for myself)

The E71 supports hot-swap for memory cards

The E71 has strong support for flash.

If you weigh both of them side by side you will see advantages and disadvantages in comparison to each other.

I have two things to say to you:

1. Once you get your hands on the E71 you won't want to let it go. There are enough things to make you easily appreciate and love it.

2. If the world runs out of E71 then go for the Omnia.

That's the best advice I can give you my friend.

  • Original_Jamaican

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970AMIR,

The ONLY sound advice I can give you is that you can't go wrong with Nokia.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Well Put, if you want to criticise then put down something constructive please !