Nokia E71

Nokia E71

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  • zizaou

this phone is the best phone in the market
the best looking phone
the best features
super slick design
super pricing
it is the best
nokia is the best
and n97 is going to be the best....please nokia keep the price low

  • Eugene

This phone is just perfect, everything works, I just love it.

  • Amit

Anuj, 24 Feb 2009HI Amit, does NokiaE71 support Blackberry Connect...please ... moreDear Friend,
I would strongly suggest you to use push mail software named seven(beta version);s a great software better than bb bb doesn;t allow 2 way sunc without there server installed..This software can configure multiple accounts and to add to it..does it very nicely..all accounts have different mailbox in main messaging list as it would have been by nokia's software.Sync is better than bb.i really love..Please try it

  • Spawn

Those of you who have remembered my earlier post sometime back which says my intention to get E71 but however waiting for the black version. Good news..and I am excited. I just bought my E71 Black, so I am looking forward to playing with my new toy. Will keep you guys updated

  • mak

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970most of the black colour made by kore, which is good also

  • omega13

can anyone tell me what are the problems they faced after the firmware update, coz many users said that some functions didnt work proberly after the update

  • just some1

is this phone gd because i realli want it but not sure if its that gd can any1 that hass this phone please tell me becuase im gettin it in march but not sure wheather to get a different nokia....
help plzz

  • Original_Jamaican

Sparx, 23 Feb 2009GUYS my sim card doesnt support 3G therefore i cant make a ... moreNokia is a Finnish company.

How on earth can the Finland version be fake ?

Think before you post my friend.

  • Abhi

COOL 1, 24 Feb 2009previously i was using facing a problem with e71 t... moreYour settings for Access Point differs...
Enter the same configuration for a particular wifi spot, as it used to be in E90

  • riffraff

Korean made has 03 as 7th & 8th digit in imei, but avail n steel gray with arabic english pads.Printing looks better in dark coloured pads than white ones.
How can box and inside Made in Finland written but still having 02 as 7th & 8th digits in imei, even E71-2 Finish box and more apps to download plus profile Normal instead of General worst thing firmware 100.07.76 dated 8th june 08 RM is 357 instead of RM 346 in latest update ver 200.21.118 27th Nov 08.
Nokia is puzzling its analysts should clarify this riffraff.

  • NycGoer

Isnt it all E71 has to have 3G network??Cant it be No 3G???Im confuseddd...

  • harminder singh

Hi...every body !! GREAT Phone to work with. I,m from India & using GPS in Ludhiana(Punjab) wow great performance. Another one is Nokia Internet Radio good sound quality, Search option so many things , Office applications will save my time in official meetings !!
I,m surprised why Nokia people are coming with E 75 , with no change in software ....believe me friends if u r buying E 75 then ur wasting ur money !!

  • NokiaLover

Hi can anyone response to my question i just realized that i got e71 with WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900???is There any difference in that...please respond it??

  • Anonymous

Hamed, 24 Feb 2009I just bought this phone and the first impression was great... moretry hard reset *#7370#, if not take it back to service

  • Anuj

Amit, 24 Feb 2009I am using this phone for last 3-4 months and i really love... moreHI Amit, does NokiaE71 support Blackberry Connect...please help if you know the Business Software that makes E71 Blackberry Connect compatible.

  • Amit

I am using this phone for last 3-4 months and i really love it..Great business between i switched to blackberry 8900 for a week but had to come back to e-71 as bb was not good enough.
I have no issues with this phone except one.It only defines audible notification for two mailboxes..while rest are not notified..Have anyone fixed this one yet??? I also use seven mobile solution for my e-mai needs.
Thanks all of you..

  • dman

is the besttttttt
no other phone can beat thattttt

  • COOL 1

previously i was using facing a problem with e71 that phone is unable to connect to wifi, it detect wifi network but not able to says no gateway reply but my other phone connects to same wifi network easily. any suggestions???

  • Hamed

I just bought this phone and the first impression was great until i found out i can't enter the phone settings!!

whenever i try to access the settings menu, it kicks me out! i cant do anything and I am so frustrated!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2009which is better e71 or n79?n 79 for camera only for all other features its e 71