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  • E71_User

Hi everyone,

Just got this phone a few weeks. Really like it. However there is a problem with my phone and I would like to ask if someone else experience this problem before. The problem is if I turn off my phone and when I turn it back on, it will automatically installing something from the application managers and after that a message says that cannot complete the installation process. Please check the installation folder. I have install my applications and remove the one that I don't need. I even try to format the memory card, change a new memory card but still the same problem appears. Any idea why? Also how can I install theme for this phone.. Please someone help me.

Thank you

  • Anonymous

When connected to a hard wired parrot kit has anyone found that the audible volume is very low. Is it the phone or my parrot kit

  • A&D

Yes it is

  • Kuttappan

On E71, we are not able to activate,Black berry & other services,not able to download that files also

  • viz

Rj, 20 Feb 2009can anyone tell me does E71 can make a video call or receive? yes

  • Rj

can anyone tell me does E71 can make a video call or receive?

  • Joko tingkir

LiT, 18 Feb 2009anyone know a good image editing application?? iv tried the... moreUpdate quickoffice to 6.0 version

  • wing

I love this phone to bits, it's one of the best I've had. The only drawback though is the camera, the quality of the photos are mostly good but it's quite slow, and maybe it's just my phone but sometimes the photo comes up grainy although it was taken in fairly good lighting and background... Would anyone be able to tell me if it was just my phone or if it's a standard?

  • Anonymous

M.Ezzat, 19 Feb 2009The keyboard bottoms is very small.Youn mean the keyboard buttons surely ?????????

  • M.Ezzat

The keyboard bottoms is very small.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2009hey what's the deal with the themes? everytime i try to ins... moreYou have to change the date in the settings if it is an older program in order to install it

  • M.Ezzat

U have to use the cover all the time coz the material is very sensitive to get dirty,and the cover is very bored when u use it every time when u receive a call when u drive or when u make any thing u hv to get out the mobile from the cover , else of that its the best phone in the market.

  • gagan

i have brought this phone , and its nice and gud phone , fully loaded, only drawback is from the service provider which cannot provide the gud speed in the net on mobile.
i will recommend this phone to all business and gadets lover people

  • Anonymous

the ultimate me

  • shadow1900

if you want a 10mpixel photo buy a digital camera if you want a class mobile that takes very good photos then buy this mobile!!!!!

  • shadow1900

what more could you ask of a mobile phone its the best nokia to date end of story everything wears after time

  • Nazeef

Do any know by chance, that E71 has the same problem like E51; which is scrol key (Square one in the middle) loss its color after some time.

  • Anonymous

Richard, 17 Feb 2009You must have the same number twice (or more times) in your... moreim facing same issue

  • abody

the camera soo bad and slooly compare with n37

  • Anonymous

manogaran nair, 19 Feb 2009Hey guys, can anyone tell me about the cons of E71, i know ... moreGo ahead, buy it. But don't expect WOWing photos from it. It's basically a business phone & damn classy too!