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Nokia E71

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  • JJ

micheal, 21 Feb 2009please response! if you press *#06# the phone 15 digits... moreThats just a hoax email !!!

  • Sheikh

Peter, 21 Feb 2009I just got my E71-2 ( last week... i have same ... morePeter what is your IMEI for E71-2 does it have 01 n seventh & eighth digits. How can Made in Finland written against pattent laws if the origin is elsewhere, or is it in understanding with Nokia.
Made as Finland should be written inside out on Box.
Do some reckee n market find that no and see its comparision, definately people will never buy Chinese made or assembled n Dubai. Nonsense.

  • bungling

Why such high level of imitation is happening as 7th & 8th imei no are 02 most out of 15 boxes i checked had same but evidently written Made in Finland.
Rubbish this type of bunggling going onn and Nokia is silient maybe they are in consent ad sell their phones like this. Please everybody write anybody have 01 written as 7th 8th no or E71-2 even does not have it.

  • Anonymous

i diont like nokia

  • viz

E71_User, 20 Feb 2009Hi everyone, Just got this phone a few weeks. Really li... moreIt is some app which is installed on the phone memory. Try hard resetting ur phone. It might just work.

  • Anonymous

Hey guys,

I have a question regarding the camera that is used for video calls.Is it possible to activate the camera without making a video call?

also, I tried making a video call but a message saying 'the other phone does not support video calls or the network does not provide this facility appeared'.

Is there anyway that i cold activate the video call camera?

Please respond.

  • Anonymous

Hey guys,

I have the same question as michael.Is it true that if the 7th and 8th digits are 2-0 or 0-2 then the phone is not made in finland?

Please advise.

  • lawrence

tek, 22 Feb 2009i turned off the breather light once, and now i cant find w... moregoto profiles-> general-> and in that you will find breathing light turn off or on option

  • tek

i turned off the breather light once, and now i cant find where to go , to turn it off again. it somehow came back on after period of time? help please.

  • taotian

E71_User, 20 Feb 2009Hi everyone, Just got this phone a few weeks. Really li... moreU know when u install software in Nokia platform,it always asks for digital signature for the software u install.It is like a virus free certification,with it then the OS allow it 2 stay in the phone, otherwise u get the so called problem mentioned.Quite a lot forums they can produce a unqiue signature for your specified beside u offer the IMEI.U can google for " Nokia software signature",sure can get your answer.Actually I don't bother the do this,because fed up with installing a lot of software in new phones.Sticking to the ori software almost enough 4 me.Sori cant give u direct link, coz I read these info from Chinese website.Good Luck!!!

  • Shahid Sahib

The best nokia mobile phone is E71 it is the best award winner its greaaaaaaaaaat...

  • Tanveer

Hi everyone,
Would you please, tell me how to identify the manufacturer by the 7th & 8th digit of IMEI (typing *#06#)?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Me too , I tried both , both of them are really good ,but I dont know should I get the keyboard or the 5 camera :(

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Its not true , but there is korean , and its good too.

  • Peter

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970I just got my E71-2 ( last week...
i have same question is:
Is it a matter of truth, that some of the E71 are not assembled in Finland, although it's read "Made in Finland" on the box & phone ?
Some reports on the net suggested that based on the imei 7th & 8th digit, you can tell where your E71 was assembled !
Does this theory make sense ?

  • micheal

please response!

if you press *#06# the phone 15 digits serial number will appear in screen of your mobile, if no. 7 and 8 digits are 0-2 or 2-0 it means your mobile phone was manufactured in emirates which is bad quality, but if 0-1 or 1-0 it means your mobile was manufactured in finland or hungury,,,, this is true or no, please give some advice, i want to buy e71

thanks in advance

  • M.ezzat

Rj, 20 Feb 2009can anyone tell me does E71 can make a video call or receive? Take care this mobile has a fake edition , u will fine a deferent keyboard and u cant make a vedio call or 3G.

  • Chagga Boy

Dis is the real phone ever seen;portable and of high quality.Keep it up.

  • Abhi

alex, 19 Feb 2009oops, well here is the actual link moreHey Alex...
Thanx for providing the links...but can you give me the exact URL as E71 uses 2.5mm jack and I can't find any...

  • E71_User

Hi everyone,

Just got this phone a few weeks. Really like it. However there is a problem with my phone and I would like to ask if someone else experience this problem before. The problem is if I turn off my phone and when I turn it back on, it will automatically installing something from the application managers and after that a message says that cannot complete the installation process. Please check the installation folder. I have install my applications and remove the one that I don't need. I even try to format the memory card, change a new memory card but still the same problem appears. Any idea why? Also how can I install theme for this phone.. Please someone help me.

Thank you