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Being an old customer of Nokia, even after having a crish in my previous E90, I bought a new E71, but the keypad is Arabic and English, English is almost invisible unless you are under the sun, is there a way to change the key pad to English. Will the agent get it fixed under warranty, I wonder why Nokia do not give only English as a choice???????????

  • praKash

Is there a night mode option on the e71?with the flash,night pictures are rather blur.anyone expriance the same?

  • Soreen

Neha, 09 Feb 2009Hey Viz, Just one last querry. I am not able to open to open x... moreSave as - Office 97-2003 document. You can't open xlsx files unless you convert them into xls, and for word you can't open docx - convert them to doc

  • Neha

Hey Viz,
Just one last querry.
I am not able to open to open xlsx format file or for that matter any MS office 2007 file.
I have installed office suite but still not able to do so.
Pls help.

  • abhi

Hi, bought an E71 recently. I read a lot about its 10hr battery life, but mine seems to be giving me hardly 4hrs. I'm based out of India, so even 3G is out of question. My primary usage of the device is calling. Would be great if you guys can share your views on the battery life.


  • Neha

viz, 07 Feb 2009First download nokia software updater from the nokia site. Insta... moreThanx Viz,
I have now updated to latest firmware.
Thanks for the help.

  • rahul

hello friends;
how r u alll.
friends i have bought nokia e71 , after having a close look on urs reviews. but i have some problem while installing some software. i m using the link which nokia has provided me, but after downloading that software , i got a msg, that ,this software may be out of date or ur phone setting is incorrect...

can any one will help me::

thanks in advance

  • yen

the phone is absolutely beautiful. i enjoy texting with the qwerty pad. I have good signals everywhere i go. the only problem with this phone is the camera megapixels. it's only 3.2...that sucks. otherwise, the battery life is very good.=)

  • Abhi

greg, 06 Feb 2009TOTOTM on E71 ? Has anyone tried to install TT on E71 ? Was... moreYes it is.... :-)

  • murtaza

hi every body i am trying to make confrence call but screen display says not allowed can any one help me please thanks

  • Anonymous

help pllllleeeaaaasssseeee!!!

how to turn off the auto focus.


  • Anonymous

this phone is fantastically amazing guys i enjoy txting the qwerty keys a lot and very very fast. but the problem now nokia is releasing a black version of this, and most epecially there releasing e72 looks like theres a lot of room for upgrading again and again. hope e71 will not fall down when the new phones are release.

  • Aqeel

Alpha, 08 Feb 2009Ok then has any one tried takin this issue up to nokia people , ... moreHi

Thats not the Software issue thats hardware Problem Problem of Internal Antenna and the Hardware made only for Once...
Hope so u will b Understood Now.....


  • Alpha

Ok then has any one tried takin this issue up to nokia people , what do the cuctomer care rep say .... It isnt of much use if it cant catch a good signal in the middle of a metropolatian town

  • Aqeel

Alpha, 07 Feb 2009Anyone having reception problems wid it . It seem to have very b... moreHi

Yes agree with u i have posted my comments about Signals Strength
Week Signals....


  • Anonymous

I can't seem to set up email with hotmail. Does anyone know how to do it?

  • wahid

E71 gr8 looks

  • Alpha

Anyone having reception problems wid it . It seem to have very bad signal strength where other phones manage to have a full bar of edge signal .... Please post your replys maybe i have a problem with my handset only

  • LiT

does the battery last as long in a 3G network under heavy usage... Im currently on a 2.5G network and under heavy web browsing usage the phone lasts me 3 days... but im thinking about switching 2 a 3G network to get the most out of my phone... is it worth switching in terms of battery life?? thanks in advance

  • viz

don, 07 Feb 2009mr viz can you tell me what i need to update in this phone e71, ... moremy reply to neha should help both of u.