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Nokia E71

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  • Imran Kazi

Nokia E71 handset is a Communicator+

  • Andrespeed

poklat, 27 Dec 2008can this phone view pdf files?Yes, the E71 reads PDF files.

  • Anonymous

i used many nokia phones, but e71 is very fast, fast typing msg, sending mails, recording calls, viewing pdf files, Perfect Business Device

  • Anonymous

I used almost all nokia phones...the last one was n 96 and Music 5000....but this phone e 71 is best and fast.....realy it is a very good phone from NOKIA

  • poklat

can this phone view pdf files?

  • tod

can you fit alot of msgs ? & hows the typing

  • rachelle

ive searched for the windows live under download but it's not there ... -sigh-

  • Anonymous

Rolf, 24 Dec 2008I have the E71 since one week. Before I had a Blackberry and use... morehey i didnt understand a word you said but i saw some info it might help you: This software release includes a new versions of Mail For Exchange and Nokia Maps. The release also includes a number of performance improvements including camera viewfinder orientation, Mail for Exchange synchronisation and browsing. Please note that if you have encrypted your device or memory card, decrypt it before the software update to avoid possible data loss.

does your phone work nice with wifi? i dont have one yet i just heard the phone has this problem on youtube... not too relaiable source huhh??

  • toni

have problem with the memory card slot. it keeps showing a message to pull out the memory card and to press"ok" although i formatated the memory card...any sugestions ?

  • zouk88

i just brought this cool mobile phone yesterday..previously im using samsung omnia & i found very hard when i sms..this phone is cool with the keyboard..anyone knows where i can download free symbian application? i knows there alot in the internet but some are not same & might cause your phone hang. thanks

  • ddd

does it reeboot during wifi connections? i heard that on youtube.

  • atl

hey guys does this phone really crash and reeboot al the time i read that at a few e71 videos on youtube didnt check if its the same dude writing it. i wass planing on buying one. but if its a load of crap i wont get it


  • Raju

Hi! I have a problem. My E71 doesnot seem to download my emails from my yahoo a/c automatically, even if I try to connect manually it keeps asking and confirming my username and password. However I recieve my emails from my gmail a/c very convinently at the same time on this device. Please advice. Thnx.

  • bubuy

wow! i absolutely love this phone! its amazing! everything works great. my previous phone was the K800i which was also great but i've gotta tell you that this phone is 10 times better! the QWERTY keypad is easy to get use to. so it anyone out there is thinking about getting this phone don't think twice. it's worth every penny!

  • ConfusedGuy

At last, I just bought this phone. Looks great and the overall performance is fast. I just wonder whether I need antivirus software for this phone or not. If so, where can I get that? thx.

  • MM

Hello can anybody help please?
I bought my E71 and I am happy except for one think I cannot connect it to my computer, it basically does not get recognized.
I have attached to the one f my colleagues and it works. I tried another E71 to connect it to my computer and it can connect I have verified both computers and both phone have the same set up what else could it be?
Any idea?
Thank you in advanced.

  • SymbianWorld

Here a great article showing all good and the bad sides of the e71. of course with pictures:­ve/

  • Unknown

Hadi, 26 Dec 2008Hi guys, can I use blackberry connect for this phone?Unfortunately it doesn't support Blackberry connect.

  • Hadi

Hi guys, can I use blackberry connect for this phone?

  • Anonymous

You will need to get another E71 cause the installation is on the memory card, copy it over to the desktop and copy to your phone