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Nokia E71

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  • Nombulelo Mnqayi

I am getting the Nokia E 71 and I cant wait .I think it is awesome

  • vinz_stupid

Vinz, 14 Nov 2008I can't wait to buy this phone!! Bcos ppl hasnt buy my nokia 663... morethe only problem with this phone is that it easily gets wet and then breaks down when you soak it in water...

  • o2atoman­/

themes galore!!

  • Anonymous

I presently have the E62 (which I love) since 2006. How does the E71 campare to the E62?

  • Vinz

Bassem, 14 Nov 2008hi all, i want your experiance in nokia mobiles.i am about to bu... moreI can't wait to buy this phone!! Bcos ppl hasnt buy my nokia 6630. Its only costs $200. I get pretty bored of it after this 2 yrs lately. Coz it has no cmera flash,no gps,no radio,cant really fit 2gb mmry crd,and the phne mmry,volume and the batery was so low. So i plan to buy e71 which i heard the batery cn last for 3 days?? What i afraid of this phone is when it hit the ground,the screen will crack right? Hope i dont regret buying this phone. If u hve any information for me about wat disadvantage of this phone, TELL ME :) thank you.

  • Vinz

HEY GUYS, I WANT YOU TO HELP ME ON THIS!! Soon i will sold my nokia 6630 then i planning to buy E71. Bcos im geting bored of nseries phone lately.. Was e71 is the best phone? I want it bcos it has gps,can access 3g network,camera,can watch utube online n so on.. I hope i will not regreting to buy this phone.. Thanks guys. -->

  • Bassem

hi all, i want your experiance in nokia mobiles.i am about to buy N810 Wimax edition. do you know any feedback about this phone.

i am afraid that it is only an internet tablet not a phone.

  • WaLdZ

La, 14 Nov 2008I use E71 ,but i don't know what websit should i use for downloa... morenew themes? well, try this,16.html

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know if E71 can play youtube videos? I'd tried with 3.5G connection but the warning I'd got was Server Time Out.

Anyone can advise?

  • La

I use E71 ,but i don't know what websit should i use for download new theme ? Anybody know ? i try but it's not support .

  • Muhammed

Lads, this is it! I bought mine and I'm never surprised, coz it met all my expectations. Though no 3rd party soft is yet installed, i can say it works fast enough, i believe even they'll be installed it'll still perform the same. As a previous Nokia user, (had an N70 and E50) i'm glad to be back to long battery life, user-friendly interface and multifunctional organiser. It also has my lovely QWERTY! Typing can be evaluated as 8 over 10. Office applications seem to be very similar to the ones on WM 5.0 and 6.1. Sound and screen performance under direct sunlight are great! looks amazing, wonderful! Realy a great pleasure to hold it in your hand.
My mark is 9! Haven't yet seen it working with softs installed so maybe in case i'm satisfied it will raise up to 9.5!

  • Bogdan

Here u can find everything u need

  • BeeseaBakoski

i am loving it.....still tryna get a hang of it tho but its just what u me!

  • Anonymous

Richard W, 13 Nov 2008If you type Seven email in your google search you will find it, ... moredont try to download that stupid seven application for the mail. Just tried, and it send 3 sms messages from my phone abroad with some queries probably to the system. the sms messages to abroad isn't so cheap. the application also fails to identify the phone, and later on timouts on logging on to the gmail. waist of time and money that shit app. better use nokia email. it can push email also.

  • Jennet

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2008aggreed is there no other colour You are wrong or mistaken. White Color E 71 is freely available all over UK now because I got it 3 Days back.

  • Mark

YCL, 12 Nov 2008Hi After reading so much good reviews on Nokia E71, really reall... moreHi

My wife and I have just come back to Nokia phones after having windows PDAs I got the N95 8GB and she got the E71

I have had a good look at E71 and I am impressed. As for web browsing it is not as convenient as a touch screen but after viewing several different websites using the E71 I didnít feel that it was too hard or limited.

The quality of the build feels solid even though the E71 is super slim it still felt very sturdy. I have big hands and the keys were good to use because they are raised so you can clearly feel each one of them.

I highly recommend the E71 phone. It also has a very user friendly calendar with good interfacing for appointments and it has a built in dictionary that checks your texts as you go.

Good Luck

  • Richard W

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2008from where do v download the seven applications..???If you type Seven email in your google search you will find it, simply register, they send you an email to activate account and then you can download the software, FREE, works like a dream for gmail, hotmail etc push email at its BEST !! ENJOY !!

  • Zack

can or not i setup 2 email address on this phone, like i setup on outlock, please help

  • alireza

bianca, 13 Nov 2008How to download themes from the internet. In the phone, when I ...

  • Xero

Can i use Skype and MSN messenger???