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Nokia E71

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  • Anonymous

does e71 support voip over Wifi, like e51? if so, what software do i need to use and which site is the same available? thanks a lot.

  • tejas

i lov this phone nd m plannin to buy1 this week. i wanted to know the music is the music quality in headphones?is it average?or bad? nd how is the speaker? pls tell.thankx.

  • jesi

is there chinese language on e71??

  • Raj

Priyanka - Mumbai, 13 Sep 2008Hi to all, I have been now using this phone for about 2 month... moreHi Priyanka,
Nokia E71 doesn't have basic features such as copying and moving to folders as it's in beta version. Nokia will release final version soon till then you can use system seven's push mail application and u can download it from here u will find application for E90 not for E71. Just download and install on phone. Setting up email is very simple and it supports many email clients like yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc. Download consumer edition.
Hope my suggestion is helpful.
Good time
Raj (

  • Priyanka - Mumbai

Hi to all,

I have been now using this phone for about 2 months, one of big drawback I found in the default e-mail client is that the
e-mails coming inside of INBOX cannot be copied or moved to any other folder, although Nokia added the feature of Listening to the Mails in voice, but they removed the most imp. feature of copying or moving mails to other folder from Inbox.
Due to this the mails when copied it overwrites previous mails.

This feature is available for INBOX of SMS but not for E-Mails.

Does anyone know this problem and the solution to this matter ??

  • lala

i'm tinking bout getting one, i usually get the darker colors but somehow the white seems so feminine to me. which color to get for a girl ?

  • tejas

i lov this phone nd m plannin to buy1 this week. i also wanted to know the music quality of this great it good?or excellent? nd how is the speaker? pls tell.thankx.

  • Raj

Bhavya, 12 Sep 2008Dude i think your phone's light sensor is to a nokia ... moreI feel there is a problem with the phone's firmware and it needs to be updated through Nokia service centre. E71 is one of the lovely and sexy phone i ever used.
Raj(gsraju30 at rediffmail dot com)

  • user...

I've had this phone for a month now. Basically comparing this to my previous PDA phone, I think what it comes down to is 'personal preference'.

Meaning no matter how good a phone is, if it doesn't suit your needs, then it's not right for you. Don't get me wrong, the E71 is a great phone, where it has everything you could ever want in such a little package, but I guess I just realized I'm a Windows OS person.

No question about it, I would pick the HTC Diamond anyday over the E71, but I just couldn't afford it. So, yes I'm planning to sell my E71 in a few months if I get some additional money.

Anyway, overall performance of the E71 is great but for no reason restarts itself about once/twice a day. I guess this is the consequence of having a phone armed with so many goodies. My previous PDA phone would actually need to be restarted 3-4 times a day, but truthfully I didn't complained because it was worth the positives that I got.


  • Ali Amjad

i bought nokia E71 a week ago and its good & its my very first NOKIA. it is very user friendly as you expect from nokia. battery time is good, looks so stylish & sleek. in short the phone is sexy. I had a few problems with it. you just cannot disable the annoying camera shutter sound off. #2 typing is not that easy. #3 nokia cannot distinguish between same phone numbers with different codes. but overall this phone is DAMN GOOD. excellent features. IF YOU CAN AFFORD, BUY IT.


Its an ultimate piece of art and technology...
Its slim,sexy,advanced and with lots of integrated features...
But its price should be made a little lower than present to improve its sales and capture the market over all brands...
Thanks and Regards
Akshay Sharma.


its an ultimate piece of art and technology...its slim,sexy,advanced and with lots of feature updated...
but its price would be made a little lower than present...
this would improve its sales and capture the market over all other brands...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2008is any way i can stay connected on yahoo IM or Gtalk IM? using n... moredownload fring software

  • rulez

EXCELLENT..EXCELLENT..EXCELLENT..EXCELLENT..EXCE­LLENT..EXCELLENT..BRILLIANT..BRILLIANT..BRILLIAN­T..BRILLIANT..these are the only words that can describe this phone...actually this is the phone that should be called the Iphone Killer.....Actually not...coz this is in a different league of its other device can come near this...i bought mine about 3 weeks back...I actually was wanting to buy the iphone but after i came to know about the actual specs of the thing i was totally put off....but after taking a look at this beauty and the beastley totally blown away....

  • Bhavya

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2008just a question but at night and wen you are texting does the ba... moreDude i think your phone's light sensor is to a nokia care center coz in the day the keypad lights dont go on but at night the keypad lights should work..

  • Anonymous

Team; just got my E71 10 days ago and wonder if any of you knows about ANTIVIRUS sw? what about infection opportunities? need advices pls.thx

  • Anonymous

just a question but at night and wen you are texting does the back lights of the keys light up or do they just stay normal cos i no wen you get a phone call they all light up but just wen i am texting i can not see wat i am texting at night if someone could get back to me soon that would be great...

  • Jarred

Amazing i have had this phone for 3 days now and it has blown me away i got it because i was over the bloody iphone... does so much more and so much easier to use its an A++++
from me!!

  • ron

does anybody know how to use the IM feature on this phone pls help me out. Email me at

  • Hg

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