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  • Wonderkid

OK, I Have had my E71 for almost a month now, and while it is an excellent phone business wise, it is slowly falling apart. And it's all related to the memory card. If I a) Switch phone OFF and back ON or b) Remove and re-insert the memory card, the phone either locks up permanently, (requiring battery removal) or requires the memory card to be removed and re-inserted after the 'Applications have quit'. Anyone know what is going on before I spend 30 minutes on the phone to Vodafone to find out what is going on? (Also, I get a lot of missed calls. Is the reception on this phone lacking too?) I so much love this phone, but these issues are hindering the progress of life the Universe and everything...

  • Danny boy

I've had this phone for around three weeks now and use it for business so far its been excellent! the sat nav has been brilliant along with a lot of other features it has which my last phone the N73 didn't have, which has been one of the best phones i have ever used.

The only feature that lets the E71 down is the quality of the camera which is important to me, but then saying that all the other features like the great usable key pad and office applications make up for that. Nokia put the N73 camera into the E71 and you'll have the king of phones!

  • james

can someone post the gps experience with your e71 ? how long to obtain the first fix ?
I am quite disappointed, no matter with AGPR or not, the time to get the first fix always take around 6-10mins.

  • Anonymous

e71 freak, 05 Sep 2008using the Gizmo software u can make free internet calls anywhere... morethats good to knw i am about to get one,if it wont be much trouble,could you shed light on the internet call stuff?

  • wojtek

Nikhil, 06 Sep 2008Does Nokia E71 Supports blackberry connectivity? Please ReplyNokia doesn't support BBerry but it should not matter much. I was heavy user of BBerry but switched to E71 after trying both devices for a month. For my corporate e-mail (as long as you use MS Exchange) my IT manager set up the phone in less than 15 mins (push e-mail, calendar, todo, etc). For my personal use I have gmail. The set up of Gmail was incredibily easy, all I had to do is to enter my e-mail address and password. All it took was 30 seconds. G-mail is not push but you can download an app from Nokia Labs Beta E-mail and than it will turn your G-mail and Yahoo-mail, etc into push e-mail. So you get same performance as Bberry but at much lower price.

  • ashish

guys i have recently buy the E71,but iam not satisfied with performance of the camera ,its given 3.2 mega pixel but the performance is not at all good.
do you guys also have the same problem??

  • coco

i want it.. =)

  • Jeet

tim, 07 Sep 2008i'm just trade my HTC Diamond to Nokia E71. really love it, b... moreits just velvet dear.nothing to worry.worst case buy a case from case-logic.its really good

  • Angel

can we use Firefox Thunderbird for this type of phone?plan to get one of this but i'm using thunderbird for my email at work.

  • o2atoman

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2008 the units being sold at Pacific Mall are from HongKong, so t... moreyup, don't buy from pacific mall, its not North Am Ver. got mine from ebay, this guy from Mississauga sells SEALED NORTH AM VER made in FINLAND. this is his number 416-432-4151, he sells it for $489

  • Anonymous

maobowski, 08 Sep 2008You can pick this up in Pacific Mall. There's tons there just ma... more

the units being sold at Pacific Mall are from HongKong, so they are Asian version... no 3G support in North America...

  • o2atoman

maobowski, 08 Sep 2008You can pick this up in Pacific Mall. There's tons there just ma... morepacific mall? dude I don't think they sell any E71-2 there, i looked on the boxes displayed and its made my Nokia, not Finland, so probably its Asian Ver.

  • maobowski

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2008 hello o2atoman... thanks for the info. where can i buy t... moreYou can pick this up in Pacific Mall. There's tons there just make sure you pick up the North American version (E71-2) or you won't get 3G support.

  • maobowski

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2008How do we check the E71-1 or E71-2? can some one highlight on this?It tells you right on the box, where the UPC and serial code sticker is. Right above the barcode.

  • J Singh

Can anyone tell me if the E71 supports HTML email. Thanks.

  • tim

i'm just trade my HTC Diamond to Nokia E71.
really love it,
but my problem is,
--> i brought "WHITE E71" and used the white case belong to NOKIA\original CASE. white+red inside.

-->REd inside make my e71 keypad become red also.
-->anyone have this problem?

Can change from NOKIA?

  • simon

crap reception 90 percent of the time why?.

  • Anirudh

Does this phone have a blackberry client? in other words can i use the blackberry service on this phone ???

  • tv

just got this phone. Still exploring. The GPs is not responding on Nokia map. Any alternative 3rd party downloads available? Please share.

  • George

Dear All,

I had the E61 and upgraded to the E71 2 weeks ago.

The E71 is soo much faster, but I miss the screen size of the E61.

However, I can tell you I have working the following

* SIP Phone connected to my Trixbox (Asterisk). I have it working via 3G & HSPDA and ofcourse wifi. (Meaning, I have my home phone connected to my E71 via 3G internet connection).

* MFE - Mail For Exchange. Best upgrade ever. The most important upgrade feature in my opinion is that there is no need for manual upload of secure certificates. This was dependent on the Exchange Server Certificate. In the E71, it doesnt matter if the certificate is loaded or not. Well done Nokia!

* GPS - GPS just works! I have not loaded the maps to my 2GIG memory yet. I am going to attempt this tonight (so no need to download map via provider on the go (Works out too expensive!!))


* The phone has rebooted while trying to multitask. Beware, dont have too many apps open at once. It just freezes and reboots (Hopefully a firmware will sort it out)

* Display Size - The E61 screen size would make this the complete, ultimate phone.

I recommend this phone to anyone who knows how to operate a Nokia phone. The QWERTY phone seems complex for a few. However, I handed down my E61 to family and after 24 hours they are addicted to the QWERTY keyboard.

I bought this phone for approx $660 (Singapore Dollars)

Happy shopping!