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  • Anonymous

hi, i just purchased my e71. my only problem is the keylock function. can someone explain to me how it works? does this phone not have a button to just lock it?


hendry, 30 Aug 2008hi E71 got fax or not?? coz i wan buy this model.can someone let... moreNokia E71 No Fax in but rest all you have in this small PC...
Itís really hot..
Battery life very good
Keypad is Ez to use & rest all yours
Enjoy..When u have it..

  • Wonderkid

Updated E71 review. After having had my E71 for over a week now, some things Nokia MUST fix to ensure a great phone is a brilliant phone: a) Even with the flash, photos from the camera are simply unusable due to noise in low light conditions. This is a business phone - and business people socialise and have famlies too. b) When on a call, it is NOT possible to use the numeric keypad to make call centre etc selections if one is in another application or even viewing Notes. So, one cannot enter ones bank account details etc while viewing them on the screen. This is a massive massive flaw that defeats the object of a multi-tasking device. c) Related to b), as the numeric keypad is mixed with the QWERTY keypad, there is not enough space for regular telephone style number/letters to be shown - so if you are trying to enter a phone number or password made from phone keypad letters, you have to refer to another phone keypad. The solution would be for Nokia to have an in call menu option to display a virtual keypad guide on the screen during a call. d) Neither the built in web browser or Opera Mini are as good as that on my SE K800i, which wrapped text, so you did not have to scroll left and right all the time as one has to do on the E71. e) Why is it every time I re-start the phone I have to remove and re-insert the MiniSD card to bypass the encryption? (Again, lovely phone, but some of these flaws are unacceptable as they render the phone useless under some circumstances.)

  • Anonymous

dhirender, 31 Aug 2008can anyone tell me that E71 has a Blckbery Connectivity or not?i... moreIt has a Push email technology

  • dhirender

can anyone tell me that E71 has a Blckbery Connectivity or not?i want to purchase e71

  • M*M

Is there a function that allows for reminder tones instead of just the blinking light to notify about missed calls or messages?

  • charlie

For all you IM specialists, point your phone browser to . It's a revolutionary IM software for mobile phones that centralizes all chat programs in one platform and, YES, it works just well on my E71. Give it a try.


  • Anonymous

can any one suggest me which color should I buy? Thinking of White's good or bad choice?

  • yddet

this devices can install blackberry like E90 or not?

  • phil08

Is it possible to have Yahoo Messenger on this phone?

  • brynn

kucx, 29 Aug 2008the batery of nokia e71 has to be formated...and if yes,how?I have never formatted a battery in my life only a memory card!!! I think you have got mixed up somewhere..

One thing is if you get things correct and your sure about formatting then it erases all your data on the memory card,the lot,

Go to memory card icon,,open and select format card and it does it for you..Its always best to do it on the device you use the card with as it will format it correctly for that device,,,hope this helps a bit but dont go formatting anything till your dead sure cause you will lose the lot,,pictures,,vids mp3,,data ,,all wiped fron card

  • Anonymous

Can someone kindly provide the step by step instruction, to instal Skype on Nokia E71 using wifi.

I got E71 but did a mistake of selecting white steel colour instead of grey steel, which means my keypad is white colour instead of black colour.

Is it possible to change the keypad.

Otherwise the phone is good, but must mention 3 mp cam is not upto the mark, but probably b'coz this is not a N Series phone.

Thank you..

  • mim

can E71 use skype? Thx

  • janice

Try Slink which i find to work well for Intant Messaging. Clean interface, supports Yahoo IM, MSN, etc. I tried other apps but personally prefer Slink.

Just got mine in black steel. Was looking at the Blackberry but glad I chose the E71. No regrets at all. Love it! Converted 2 friends to getting it too.

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know if its possible to connect to the internet using a laptop via the phone 3G/HSDPA sync with bluetooth? Rather than using the USB cable or Ir.

  • hendry

hi E71 got fax or not?? coz i wan buy this model.can someone let me know.thx

  • o2atoman

Nadeem, 29 Aug 2008Thank you very much for your advise , but i just want to use Aut... moreI've tried this CAD viewer on called Estalo CAD Viewer and it works pretty good,there are a couple of sample plans for viewing, so I've sent some .dwg file to my phone via bluetooth but it says not supported, maybe because its only a trial version or I still need to sync it to my pc. I also tried zooming in but its too slow

  • Anonymous

can u download a yahoo messenger on E71?

  • o2atoman

hi max, if ur going to the US the best bet would be E71-2 for US 3G, thats the North American version, thats what I have right now,and I'm also using Smart roaming service. the other two are Europe and Asia but I'm not sure which one is which. These are the only answers I can give you because I havent tried 3G in the Phils yet.

  • Max

hi...i live in the not exactly sure how the 3G frequencies work...when i checked the nokia website,its says the unit (E71) has 3 types. E71-1 (900/2100), E71-2 (850/1900), E71-3 (850/2100)...what does that mean?or is it just 1 device with all 3 frequencies usable?im planning to go to US in a couple of months and if im planning to get E71,i want its 3G to be usable in both countries...can someone help me with this?