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  • Akram Noorani

can anyone tell me, that from where can i download and install free themes directly to my e71.

  • Faryal_SHaKeeL

Hi All

Thatís true battery is very poor thatís totally bluff about battery timing Talk Time 10.hours thatís totally bluff
The main thing Review Made by the person y He told lie about battery timing?
What its mean can b?
I belongs to Construction Business and I m using this set since from 5.days and its never goes upto 3.hours just by making calls
I never listen the songs I never played the games but just works on Office Files twice ya thrice in a day but My daily use is about 4 to 5.hors I m totally disappointed by the performance of its battery

2nd Bad Thing
Its Keypad I have Dark one Dark Grey the Keypad is also Dark Grey and the Alphabets r in Blue Color some time not seen in Brightness have to rotate the set for some time to understand the letters thatís bad thing

I got that set because of its battery timing but its disappointed me and the Second thing which made sad thatís its Keypad Dark Grey and Blue Alphabets

Mine one is Made in Korea

(Made in Korea Under the Authority Of Nokia Corporation Finland)
Thatís Printed on The Box
Thatís Genuine (Original One)
But I cant understand what Its mean?

Before this I was using Nokia E51 I Love that one
Now I m Unhappy with This One

These two things Make Me Sad I m not happy With That One totally disappointed


  • Arif

thanks to Tim and Winura for clearing up the navi6210 least i learnt something new today. ;-)

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone about a week ago and I simply love it! Texting is great and the battery life is quite excellent (although I'm coming from a Samsung E840... and the battery was quite average or even slightly below with that model).
Just one thing: I can't figure out how to change the volume of the tones. For example, I like the volume of my ringer... but what if I want my tone for text messages or e-mail notifications to be quieter? I can't figure out how to change that. Other than that... I abolutely LOVE this phone =)

  • Winura

Arif, 01 Aug 2008Tom im using N82,N95,P990i,communicator 9500,Ngage QD did u ... morei guess it was me who told you don't have to subscribe for voice navigation. I'm using a Nokia E51 and i use nokia maps in it. All i did was download the map i wanted via Nokia Map Loader and downloaded the voice i wanted to hear. and presto! i get voice navigation for free.

  • Tim

Arif, 01 Aug 2008Tom im using N82,N95,P990i,communicator 9500,Ngage QD did u ... moreThe Navigator programme in the 6110 Navigator requires NO subscription. It works out of the box. ( It also includes Nokia Maps as per other GPS enabled Nokia handsets).

It functions better than Nokia maps too - check out GSM Arena's review for more info.

I would assume that the 6210 Navigator would run the same programme so it should also be SUBSCRIPTION FREE. Check out the info on this web-site for more info though.

  • Arif

Tom mickey, 01 Aug 2008To arif WOW that was some explaining thanks a lot. Electromag... moreTom
im using N82,N95,P990i,communicator 9500,Ngage QD

did u say that guided voice navigation does not need to be subscribed on the Navi6210? are sure? can anyone else confirm this? if this is true,im sorry for giving the wrong info,but i was pretty sure u have to pay for that service..hmm..

oh,about the zoom factor on the N95 8GB and N82,as i said,those are minute differences.too small to consider,because these phones uses digital zoom,not zoom only blows up the picture causing the picture quality to degrade.

"But I think its for free in the navigator, plus there will be some extra software for navigating?!"------im not sure what u meant by this..were u asking something or making a statement?

  • Arif

Its ok,just let them critic.those are guys with low mentality.let met just tell them that it just shows how low their knowlegde is,but still have the guts to degrade other people.for their info,yes the term EM waves is correct.GPS utilizes mainly short and long wavelength EM waves.the short is where the information is,the long wavelength is used as a carrier wave.that is the simplest way i can explain.dumb people of course would not understand.and Tom,good luck in choosing.and just for ur info,i work with GPS devices on day to day basis.these are just among the devices i work i dont mind if u or they think im fooling u,but if i can recall correctly,u were the one asking for an explanation. :-)

  • john

mons7er, 31 Jul 2008this is a good phone, 1 to 10 its 8.5 and I typing this comment ... moreHell all. Anyone experiencing speed issues with this phone? I had an N73 and an N80 and i thought they were both slow as dogs. I know symbian is a bit heavy and lags a bit but was wondering if this phone is considerably faster. thanks!

  • Electronics Engr

I'm a licensed Electronics Engr, graduated from MIT.. He uses the right term.. so why make fun of him?

  • Licensed Electronics

What's wrong with the term 'electromagnetic waves'? he explains it quite well..

  • iphone to e71

this phone is smartphone out there rii noww...we shall see how the bold is wen it comes out...i jus got this phone can anyone tell me how to find and install applications like msn messenger and other ones on the phone?? thanks

  • Tom mickey

Chris in Guam, 31 Jul 2008Got my E71-2 from CTI-Miami. Came pretty much on time with only... moreYour in Japan and using a nokia!!!OMG.

You should really check out Japanese cellphones!!!

  • Tom mickey

Arif, 31 Jul 2008Tom hehe,of course i know about GPS.u've asked the right pers... moreTo arif

WOW that was some explaining thanks a lot. Electromagnetic waves are you serious lol.

Btw what cell are you using?

I dont see a point getting N95 just for the memory and screen.

You said if I wanted guided voice navigation then I have to pay for it? But I think its for free in the navigator, plus there will be some extra software for navigating?!

You missed 1 point about N95 has 20X zoom against 10 for N82.

OK so I wont be getting E series after all.

N82 or the navigator is it.

Or should I take Winura advice and wait lets see.

  • Tom mickey

Winura, 31 Jul 2008follow the link below to read more about GPS. moreTo Winura.

Thanks for the details.

I am leaning very much towards N82 and the new navigator now.

LOL ok I will try to wait till christmas but don't think I can.

1 important question can you close the flash completely when taking a pic and the click sound?

Same question while video recording.

  • Chris in Guam

Got my E71-2 from CTI-Miami.
Came pretty much on time with only a coiuple day delay. Phone is beautiful. I got the E71-2, the US version. I flew to Japan and I couldn't get a signal. I thought it would be a world phone and hope I can figure it out next visit. Works fine in Guam. The internet via wireless modem is flawless. Great battery life. Camera seems weak but I have a digital camera. Still learning the functions. The other versions have a differnet 3G frequency set up. Maybe that is for Japan & Asia. Bluetooth headset works great, Plantronics PLT-510. $48 on Amazon.

  • Euwill

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970No doubt! "Electromagnetic waves"! Who the heck does this guy think he's fooling? HAHAHA I just bought NAM ver. of this phone via auction for $400USD. I was gonna wait for the new BB Bold but the price points are too high, IMO. For what you get with the E71, the price is fantastic. Devices like this are now going to be much cheaper next year thanks to Nokia. This will be my first Symbian smart phone. Can't wait to test-drive it!

  • mons7er

this is a good phone, 1 to 10 its 8.5 and I typing this comment through the phone wifi.

I like the looks, easy to type with one hand, different story with e61i which wider and thats my ex phone before upgrade.

GPS, and everything works well but the smart input in home screen (what the f**k), it happen to almost all asian region phone. I've read the news, said that wait for next firmware upgrade.

The second thing I hate is the quality of camera capture, its worse for 3mp caliber.

But all the function are superb. Not slow no more like its brother e61i

Hope it help. Oh ya the battery.. Damn good.. I think it never drop bellow the last 2 bar.. Till i give up use it. It'll stand 4 days, or 3 with normal use

  • rebung

just bought e71 last week. seem my unit got camera faulty. there are green line up my screen while using the camera. other specs is superb.

  • Arif

Tom Mickey, 31 Jul 2008Arif. I have decided after all I wont be getting E71. Ur rite... moreTom

hehe,of course i know about GPS.u've asked the right person..basically what happens is when u switch on the Map application in ur phone,the built in GPS unit will search for available satellites through electromagnetic needs at least 3-4 satellites to be available so that the GPS unit in the phone can determine ur position.once it fixes ur position,the map application will pin point ur location on the screen interface..all the phones we discussed about has A-GPS(Assisted GPS) which allows the GPS unit in the phone to use ur cellular network to ease the process of fixing ur position..this enables faster position fixing by the phone..but keep in mind that all this can occur only if the GPS is able to detect the satellites (which requires u to be in a rather open space) these navigation capabilities will not work in buildings or subways where the transmitted electromagnetic waves from the satellite is not able to pass through...please keep in mind that all these phone only fixes ur position,if u want guided voice navigation,ull have to subscribe for it..i hope this explanation was clear enough..

the only thing that the N82 has that is not on the N95 8GB is the xenon flash (which i love very much!!)..hehe.,camera lens shutter which proves useful to protect the camera lens..and a memory card slot..other than that,i think they are basically the same..on the contrary,N95 8GB has a bigger screen,two-way slide,8GB built in memry..hmm..what else...think thats it(sorry if i missed any)..

Wifi is not required as the GPS unit embedded in the phone receives the electromagnetic waves transmitted by the satellites..

E66 has the same functions as the E71 but in the form of a slide fon..thats it..but compared to N82 and N95 has poorer quality camera,very sturdy built (E71 and E66 are built with very goof quality materials,the best ive seen in phones)..E66 is mainly for business use..on the multimedia functions,it performs a little below average if compared to N82 and N95 8GB..

hmm...u want the best GPS phone,but u dont like the me,ur best choice would either be N82 or N95 8GB...both are all-rounders...but just keep one thing in mind,once uve decided and bought any phone,dont look back..embrace the features of the phone that u chose..that way,u will never regret..