Nokia E71

Nokia E71

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  • Anonymous

here is E71 Promo video

  • Anonymous

Congrtas! E71 is listed as a compatible phone here:

  • duxx

hey gsmarena! looking forward for your review on this phone :) go go go go! :D

  • N

Has anyone had a problem with the camera ZOOM? I have had mine for 3 weeks now, and just recently used the camera. Found out that, when you zoom in between 50% and 90% the picture taken is unrecognisable - it just shows a multitude of colours, but not the actually picture you were suppose to take - has anyone else had this problem? Also, some menu titles (the longer ones) appear faded, like the few last words are missing... If, for example, you go to Tools - Settings - General - Personalisation ... you can only read Personalisat - the rest ("ion") is faded or unreadable. This is only an example - I found it in some of the other menus as well. Has anyone had similar problems, mainly with the camera ZOOM? I just need to know if I got a faulty device, or if other E71 owners are having the same problem? Thanks.


d phone is r beautiful work of craftmanship,
wondering if its got r tv out & 3.5mm jack.

  • Anonymous

No lag, very responsive (not like usual Nokia)
Software : Windows live messenger, English/Chinese Dictionary, Office, Map, Sport Tracker, Email, Radio..
Very Pleased with this ^^

  • sam

could any onee plzzz comment or give a good review on the sound quality , camera and speaker fone! plzzzzzzzzz

  • Anonymous

Tony, 22 Jul 2008LMZ where did you get your US version from??Rite now Sntraders is the only place whr u can find it available but today it will be available in more places but the price is realy good

  • Anonymous

Placed my order through­4206

  • Karim Haset in Singa

Hi guys, just got this phone- it's Fantastic & another statement Nokia is unbeatable in Value and Quality aspects..Can't fault it though little glitchs..Feels & looks just "Europeanlly" right & works great too..I've been using Other brands but..none finer than a Nokia..E71 in this case..Great Phone this is..Thank You Nokia..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2008i found it here for the info,how come Nokia E71-2 NAM is cheaper then E71-1 ? 470$ with free shipping not bad

  • Anonymous

You tube does not run properly. Youtube has npot released a client for this phone but i tried other thrid party Youtube clients.

RM player is not able to stream videos . They just don start.

Waiting for Youtube to release a client

Download speeds using Symella over WLAN are amazing !!

uses battery like its a 1100

  • E71-lovah

The Nokia E71-2 (850/1900 - US) available at Flagship Stores: 7/21 - Chicago, 7/24 - New York...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970i found it here­4206

  • Anonymous

Silence, 22 Jul 2008Oh realy $475 CAD with free shipping ???? i m gona place my orderjust place an order now waiting for Wednesday as they will have it in stock on Wednesday

  • Silence

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2008look at here here is another deal for E71 NAM http://www.howard... moreOh realy $475 CAD with free shipping ????
i m gona place my order

  • Mr.Bee

Can anyone tell if Blackberry application works on this phone nd where can one download one.

  • Tony

LMZ where did you get your US version from??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970look at here here is another deal for E71 NAM­4206

  • LMZ

i just got mine US version 2day well it in gray color but i realy like it,