Nokia E71

Nokia E71

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  • Mr.Bee

Can anyone tell if Blackberry application works on this phone nd where can one download one.

  • Tony

LMZ where did you get your US version from??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970look at here here is another deal for E71 NAM­4206

  • LMZ

i just got mine US version 2day well it in gray color but i realy like it,

  • Nokian

Got it yesterday and send it immediately back. Half of the buttons in the middle row of the keyboard didn't work!
Waiting for another...

  • Anonymous

N, 21 Jul 2008has anyone had a problem with the camera zoom? i have had mine f... moreI got the same problem when taking picture with zoom..

  • S.M.Ghayyur

My Dear Friends I am using Blackberry 8820 the latest phone releasaed. I keep always 2 mobile phones one BB and other any one like Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson, after the use of SE W810 I never used any SE.
My last Nokia was N73, My last Samsung was
U700 and today I ahve sold my last Motorola
V9 and I am interested in Nokia E71 which is officially being launched here on 26 July 2008. The comments sent by users on this website are very encouraging.

I have used more than 100 models of above mentioned brands always kept my phone in a very good condition, when ever I sold my old phone buyers said normall " Its new, why didnt you use this phone " I said , I have used this phone so many months , but no one beleives.

It is a best choice, long awaited phone.



  • onelove

ok one more thing :the advance call maneger ...

  • plwh888

If you are using Exchange, then you do not need Blackberry Connect. Use Mail For Exchange which works just as fine, plus you do not need to connect physically, over the setting is done.

  • Anonymous

D, 22 Jul 2008I am interested in buying this phone, and i have a question. Can... moreYes, Quickoffice in E71 can edit the word doc.

  • Mohd Imtiyaz

D, 22 Jul 2008I am interested in buying this phone, and i have a question. Can... moreyes we can not only view office file but we can also edit it or make a new file.

  • D

I am interested in buying this phone, and i have a question. Can any1 plz let me know if you can edit word documents in this phone?

  • onelove

omg did u all know this baby have windows life messenger and yahoo? barcode scanner ...i like to change the name of this dream mobile to ...the gift this gift from nokia to us
THANK YOU NOKIA PS the battery is amezing

  • Krumas

someobody complained about camera zoom problems, I tell you what: most cellphones has only digital zoom so if you whant better photo quality please use as less zoom as possible

  • Anonymous

Anyone knows why the notification light keep blinking even though I have no new events and my setting of the notification light is off ? Is my E71 a default unit ? Just have it for 2 days.

  • Anonymous

Prosenjitz, 19 Jul 2008Thanks for your review-like opinion. It helps a lot to decide! B... morebest buy price is 20500/- or 20000/-
Remember its pure value for ur every penny u spend on it !!

  • Andy

I've been using E series for a long time and i just picked up E71 two days ago. So far this is the best and the fastest phone i've ever seen.

Its worth every penny.

No seconds thoughts....

Its loaded with surprises for those who haven't used E series and for those who haven't changed their E series for the last 6 months.

  • sam

Could any one tell me abt the camera n sound quality ?

  • Alz

zaidh, 21 Jul 2008Can some body tell me ,is E71 Balackberry compatable??????The E71 does NOT have Blackberry connectivity. I bought one and i am having to sell it. Otherwise great phone but it wont work BBC. tried installing other versions but no joy.

  • Aamir

I intend to buy E71 but I have few question if anyone can help it would be really helpful.
I live in pakistan , Does it include Pakistan Map
2.E71 gps work same like Garmin GPS ? can it be replacement of my Garmin 320?
3. Does it have Windows live messeger free like windows mobile phone ? Can I send voice clips too ?
Anyone used youtube in E71 ? does it work like perfect like in Iphone?

Waiting for reply.