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Nokia E71

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  • Jon

kamikaze, 19 Jun 2008wow i dunno why ppl are soo critical about the smaller screen si... moreKamikaze, there are hundrends of options in the market, for smal very stylish WITH SMALL SCREENS if u wish one, the e61i was a oasis in the desert, I am writing this from my e61i , i doubt (from experience) that u could get half of the net browsing experience from a 2.4 srceen.. Is just to small.. a 2.8 is just on the limit, the phone is big so what? There was a market for it, at least i wont change mine for this newer versions that is for shure, yeah the specs are great, realy great, but in the end, i use the phone 50% calls-messaging 40 % net and 10% for all the nice tricks.
They should keep the 2.8 screen, they still could trimm the phone a bit in the sides, and make-it vga, that would be a upgrade from the e 61i, not this crap.


another worst desgin created by NOKIA... Only 3.15 mega pixels, NO! Xenon Flash, NO! Touchscreen only Qwertyboard and it's processor is only 369 MHZ processor and NO! TV output HA! HA! HA!

  • Arjuna

Looks like small screen..Any way better for Business...E Serious is killer for Blackberry.....

  • peter

i would wait for the i version

  • si culun

yes, finally, been waiting for this type of phone. i like to sms a lot and i dont like blueberry; no u cant do fax on this one. but u can pocket this one easily.

  • Jaya Monga

Can we send and receive fax in the phone itself like I can do in my 9300i?

  • kamikaze

wow i dunno why ppl are soo critical about the smaller screen size of e71. what u guys r doin is comparin it with the e61i. let me remind u how enormous the e61i became due to its "superior" 2.8in. screen size. and not to mention its FUGLY design. the new e series is movin on to the design where they put into account tht business ppl also have their personal lives and can hv fun too. i think makin it compact,smaller and MUCH MORE STYLISH is suitable for this reason. i think the newly announced e71 and e66 are reeeally impressive both design wise as well as on the specs sheet.

  • Anonymous

E71 should keep 2.8" the same E61i and symbian 9.3

  • yaadi

the e71 is said to have QVGA at 10fps. which is true? cause vga is better than qvga or is it because they have'nt finallized the specs just yet?

  • Robert

From what i know, a succesor should be better than the predessor which is not the case here.
Seriously, that screen is too small, smaller than the e66

  • Imani

my God!!! what happened to the screen???
it looks like any other phone of the same design.
i will stick to my e61i.

  • Anonymous

Well Dr.Roman .. You Better Take A Laptop Then[:)]

  • Atique Khan

Varun Kishnani, 18 Jun 2008Does that Spreadsheet in E61I / E71 offer the same functionality... more@Varun Kishnani

i found Nokia E90 communicator to be of much use and would recommend it to you after knowing the nature of your work
it would not definately replace your notebook but it wud be really helpful

By the way i am also auditor working for Ernst & Young Pakistan

  • NOKIA!

Dr. Roman, 18 Jun 2008Not so fine. screenis small, it should be 3.2 inch. OS should be... moreI hope you know you are talking about a nokia - why on earth would the use windows mobile on their device?

  • Varun Kishnani

Does that Spreadsheet in E61I / E71 offer the same functionality as MS Excel does ? I need functions like VLOOKUP, HLOOK & Pivoting. A dump spreadsheet application with rows and coloumns is of no use 2 me.

The E61i has a 220 Mhz processor. Does that mean that the E71 is considerably faster than the E71. I open spreadsheets which are 10+ mb in size. Some of them make my HP 6440 notebok(thats 1GB ram & 1.66 GHz) abruptly stop responding when i try 2 VLOOKUP 12000 records against a pair of 36000 cells over 3 columns.

I don expect a smartphone to replace my notebook for ma office application needs. But i need help in choosing between a E61i & E71.

BTW... i am an auditor

  • EB

Features everything is good........if somebody know how powerful of e-series function. But sometime the design is look like.....i think the designer need to update thier styles of e-series phone. Am i right?

  • nokwag

this phone is just feature packed. i would love to get one, hopefully ATT will carry and subsidize it, but I doubt it, now they are so crazy about iphone. i think the small screen come in the price for a slim product, the squeeze the anthenna to the bottom just like razr, and that took up the length

  • Anonymous

The preview says 112x57x10mm and 120g, specs state 114x57x10mm and 127g.
What's correct?

  • latte

Kinda Looks Like Motorola Q8

  • winx

i currently own a nokia E61i. i love it. the E71 has many features, but much smaller display with only 2.36in compared with the E61i with 2.8in. i thought they've made the screen wider. the E61i looks better than this. if they upgrade the E61i, it should look like an E61i with bigger screen. nice job though.