Nokia E71

Nokia E71

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  • Anonymous

looks s looks it looks for you for me it is m the heck with looks pin + symbian wi fi hsdpa is look is just a facade

  • Anonymous

not bad. waiting to launch in UK.hopefully on O2. but looks like big elephant

  • Anonymous

make a e series with a tv out you can runn windows live + blackberry connect bes bis servers gmail yahoo emails on the go

NOKIA where is the new SU-?W bluetooth keyboard

what computers have become ? they shuld include the keyboard in it

  • Invention

E 71 is simply the ultimate phone power packed with features but it could have been better with an T.V out put. Anyways still i say its the best !!!!........

  • Damandeip

does this have the blackberry service on it and does it open photos of the email attachments ??
plzz do answer thank you

  • Anonymous

Nokia R&D are just plain stupid. Why would you create an American version and a European version of the phone. If I am going to get a phone like that I would get one with 3G world coverage. Morons!!! Iwolud like my 3G to work no matter where I go in the world

  • Jay84Virgo

NOKIA LOOSERS, 17 Jun 20083.15 megapixels only and NO! Xenon Flash!!! tsk tsk tskIts a business device, not a flagship N-Series edition. 3.2Mp w/AF is GOOD enough. 5Mp is just overkill.


3.15 megapixels only and NO! Xenon Flash!!! tsk tsk tsk

  • Anonymous

Waiting for E71 for long! But my expectation was much higher!
I am not very tech-savvy guy, but prefer to use my cellphone more than my laptop. With my cellphone I organise my tasks and schedule, take and keep a lot of notes, store data, read and send mails, do bloging, browse web, and occationally listen music or take snaps. Now, should I go for E71, or buy E51 and Quick Office 5 for now, AT MUCH LESS PRICE, and wait for the perfect phone? T9 works well for me, only concern is smaller screen, but the price difference! Plz advice! Tons of Thanks in advance!

  • GuessMyName

This phone is too slim and too big...but I still want to have this phone.. check the price at for this phone around 350 Euro.

  • E71 Lovah!

This has been long coming!!!
For full specs (as per Nokia) go to: (sorry, no processor speed - yet)
For video walktrouch of silver-Nokia E71 by Boy Genius go to:
Starting to save away my dollar coins for this baby already.


Full software downloads on


IT is wonderfull but ithink it havenot agood interface I think its not frienly

  • Anonymous

@EmraN - the E90 has a good camera

  • lullabye

Wow! this is cool dudes. Now that it comes with cool camera and infra red too? Any FM Transmitter? I'm getting addicted with the FM Transmitter. Hehehe...

  • ryan_bahrain

well thats it.ha.ha. Its almost look like e51 different only on should not that much expensive.well,its nokia friendly user.

  • sam

i have been waiting for this for a long time...
it is what i have expected, but i'm a little disappointed with the screen resolution compared to my current E60.
any official news about the processor on this phone?
is it the same ARM11 369 MHz as in E51?

  • whatever

DK Lee, 16 Jun 2008*****Why Why Why... Nokia Symbian-30 & Symbian-40 can't show Cal... more@ DK Lee,

The phones can show call duration during a call. What the hell are you talking about??

  • Anonymous

Might be the best phone ever made!!!! it has all the necessities, slim and cool!!! what can we ask more!! gr8 job nokia....
i've been waiting for this phone for a long time now i almost bought the e61i!! What's it price by the way????

  • Anonymous

i'm usin a E51 now... wil sum1 compare d 2 models