Nokia E71

Nokia E71

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  • Leon

Thats pretty impressive. 10hr 30min talk time, has GPS and wi-fi in it too. Usually those two features drain the battery life. I can't wait to see how the real phone actually stands up though!

  • shailesh

not bad. waiting to launch in UK.hopefully on O2. but looks big like elephant.

  • Tsepz

Nice one NOKIA ,love the design, BUT the specs are not enough to keep me interested, next month il be getting a SAMSUNG i780 Windows Mobile. 624mhz Marvell CPU, 2.6inch screen, 320x320 res, Video acceleration, Optical joypad, touchscreen, hundrends of thousands of software, and unlimited customizability. Im currently using a NOKIA N81 and i love Symbian but the world of WM is looking so much better and more open.
E71 im sure is going to be an amazing device though, if its anything like a E61/E61i its worth buying if you don't need the powerhouse WMs.

  • Anonymous

i'll better go for windows mobile instead of this boring thing. Xperia x1 is da king

  • Anymous

WoW!Amazing!I hope I can get this phone next year

  • Meesh

OMG i think the design team at nokia just throw a bunch if stuff off the top of the ugly tree and see what happens when it lands! it might be thinner but hey would you go with an ugly woman just cos she's size 6?
Maybe they should sell it with a complimentry bag to put it in to hide it or you could allways stick the bag over your head so they cant see your the owner of it!! lol in an emergency it could come in handy as as a door stop! lol

  • Anonymous

what the hell! first the E66 is 13.5mm thick and now this one is 10mm thick! well done nokia. and a perfect set of features for in one phone.

  • ej

what da hell 10.5 hours talk tym, facinating

  • taz

DK Lee, 16 Jun 2008*****Why Why Why... Nokia Symbian-30 & Symbian-40 can't show Cal... moreyes that's right,I prefer is symbian S60 better than S30 or S40......thanks..

  • Bill

Absolutely love it, cannot wait to upgrade to this. Now Nokia should definitely produce more phones in this calibre and business range, they've been concentrating too much on the budget range but siffice to say, about time!

  • Anonymous

batery 10 hours hahahahahhahahaha It will last 1 h talk time coz all nokia phones are the same on that.
This looks an old design, and nothing new. Better go for SE G900 or wait for P5 or wait for the king Xperia X1

  • EmraN

Finally E series coming with a good cam :D

  • DK Lee

*****Why Why Why... Nokia Symbian-30 & Symbian-40 can't show Call duration?it can show summary only.
i hate Symbian-30 @ Symbian-40 so much but i like Symbian-60 3rd OS9 because it's cool OS.
anyone should to choose a Symbian-60 3rd OS9 or OS9.3.
believe me.ok?because i'm a mobile phone seller about 10y ago.
Sorry for my english?

  • Wonderkid

VGA video! Now there is a surprise! Nice (even if 22fps). This is a credible alternative to the iPhone and Blackberry Bold for some applications. Lower res screen, but that keyboard and form factor is to die for. Yummy. Vodafone UK, stock this puppy pls. I have an N95 8G which I am very happy with but am growing tired of entering text with a numeric keypad.

  • Prabhu

Good one... This will surely rock...

  • jdg

im the 10th hehe... ive been using the Eseries since it came out and this may prove to be a very worthy phone... i hope the new communicator comes out a little later...

  • Coma

10mm thick?!?!? BEST

  • rwet

good phone and better than the bold 9000 but it still having a small display

  • nnn

it is a copy for the blackberry shame for nokia

  • iGsm