Nokia E71

Nokia E71

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  • Wonderkid

VGA video! Now there is a surprise! Nice (even if 22fps). This is a credible alternative to the iPhone and Blackberry Bold for some applications. Lower res screen, but that keyboard and form factor is to die for. Yummy. Vodafone UK, stock this puppy pls. I have an N95 8G which I am very happy with but am growing tired of entering text with a numeric keypad.

  • Prabhu

Good one... This will surely rock...

  • jdg

im the 10th hehe... ive been using the Eseries since it came out and this may prove to be a very worthy phone... i hope the new communicator comes out a little later...

  • Coma

10mm thick?!?!? BEST

  • rwet

good phone and better than the bold 9000 but it still having a small display

  • nnn

it is a copy for the blackberry shame for nokia

  • iGsm


  • Odietz


  • k

great specs. pity the screen size is rather small.

  • Louie

i'm third!!
i love this phone really.
Now i don't need to choose that Blackberry BOLD 9000!!
at least I no longer need to familiarize myself with new user interface of Blackberry.

  • haha


  • Mobos

yeah, im first.
nice phone!
design and features are good!
look more pretty than last version!

  • Anonymous