Nokia E73 Mode

Nokia E73 Mode

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  • Michael

Yes this phone might seem like the Nokia E72 but this E73 is USA specific for our T-mobile 3G (1700) service.

Another thing that sets this E73 apart from its brother the E72 is that it supports UMA calling (WiFi calling) through T-mobile at no added cost! This is a great feature for those in a poor GSM coverage area....

I too agree that Nokia should revamp their phones a little... I too want to see Nokia take some more marketshare...

I'm typing this post using my Motorola MB200 Dext (Cliq) phone running Andoid and l really love the OS, but since T-mobile USA has NO UMA enabled Android devices, I'm forced into getting the E73 because of the UMA feature :)

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Um, Apple is copying Nokia on many different patents, hence the MULTIPLE ongoing lawsuits between Nokia and Apple in the U.S. right now... please no more I-Phone fanboys, the amount of hot air you guys spit out is causing global warming to increase...

  • vinayak

Nokia Tec I havnt mention that i stick to n8. Please check ur eyes. There may be some problem. And u say nokia is mobile company of course it is but why it is using the slow processor and less ram and old os. Dew the dew try something new. Get it. You are giving cheap price phones that does not mean u provide cheap hardware or outdated software. Am i right? And nokia is the mobile company only so why it is so last in race truly saying it must have to be first. I am also a nokia fan but nowdays i disappointed with it. And the UI is also become so old it need some flash animations and eyecatching effects. And finally i want to tell u u don't stick to nokia other mobile companies also there offering great hansets with better features and in the affordable prices too. My choices would be the sony, htc, google nexus, n900, iphone i4, moto milestone, and kin.

  • Juan

CRAP!!! I just bought an E71!!!

  • jhayvee


  • Waleed

It is just another E72 with a diffrent color!!! Which dosent make any since!!!

  • mudiya auau

i wan to buy a phone is tis phone good??? can somebody pls tell me... :(

  • Anonymous

i smell like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight

  • tomi

now why nokia did not release all android-based processors? to the display with qwerty ... filled with metal cassing with larger screens ..

  • motorola

Anonymous, 08 Jun 2010oh 'Even Motorola"? Motorola is any how much advanced than Nokiaare you serious?motorola is advanced than nokia?compare all nokia phones to motorola phones and you will realize what you are saying for.. :)

  • Matty

Feedback., 07 Jun 2010Why does Nokia insist on releasing exactly the same phones, with... morethey make exactly the same phones year after year? that comment would make sense if this was in the iphone section....

have you seen the different types of phones nokia makes?

  • Anonymous

Feedback., 07 Jun 2010Why does Nokia insist on releasing exactly the same phones, with... moreoh 'Even Motorola"?
Motorola is any how much advanced than Nokia

  • Feedback.

Why does Nokia insist on releasing exactly the same phones, with exactly the same specs year after year? They're still my favorite and the most reliable, but while other companies (even Motorola) are constantly advancing, Nokia seems to have reached a plateau.

  • Anonymous

Why it's says Mode 73 just for USA market or is it actually new model, I think just changing outer rim from steel to plastic rest specs remain same might be for USA frquencies. E74 might be announced in 4th qtr. Processor same is ridiclus.
I have decided to forget cells wait one year then real upgrades comming.

  • Waxx

nokia should take a phone like this with the same dimensions take all the keys away and put a touchscreen on it keep the rest of the device the same it would took good

  • halo

WIll this phone be available in Asia? or only in the US (T-Mobile)??


same phone nothing new in e73

  • daud ibrahim

is this phone ever goin to get launched outside usa? I dont think so.

  • Giovanni

Very interesting and elegant
I want specifics on the lg gm600 (2 scarlet tv phone, for the Brazilian market) please

  • Nokia_Tec

vinayak, 06 Jun 2010i don't understand why nokia is sticked so hardly with the same ... moreNo please stick to the N8 and accept ur faliure at accusing nokia. The N8, aka the apple squeezer, had made the difference, it was made with respect to price and quality. Why dont u face it, apple did not introduce its first 5mp phone, and still looking for multitasking, lol,sounds that apple has to face that it is a fail.

BTW, what is the problem with the phone makers and fruits? blackberries and apple, next we see banana for cell phones ? they would probably buy some cheap crab assemble it up, and say they have experience doin cells.

Nokia is mobile phone maker, the rest imitates and steals technology(apple).