Nokia E73 Mode

Nokia E73 Mode

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  • f boei

truth, 20 May 2010Guys kewl down... Its just a rumour, not released yet...let... moreu r right.. it can be just the same.. hope so...

but if.... this is the final spec.. why d heck does nokia upgrade the series number (72-73) and not the spec.. lol..

  • truth

Guys kewl down... Its just a rumour, not released yet...lets wait for the release of E73. I think there will be much better features on E73, it can't just be the same as nokia E72. Be patient.

  • g

blututh 2.0?????? best joke of the year..

  • g

i think se and nokia will end up like IBM...

microsoft took IBM's place.. and i think brands like HTC will take that from se and nokia..

  • Anonymous

same qvga display 320*240, i had that kind of display in 2003 with benq-siemens, what a shame in this time with amoled screens, 3d screens, 480*854 pixels...shame on you nokia, this phone supposed to be 100 EU, not 350

  • Anonymous

m using nokia n95 for last 3 years now.i was a big fan of nokia but for last few year nokia is been a big madhar chood means mother fucker the n series was called as see new hear new and feel new its all bull siht there is all old same things other companies r cuming with lattest inovation and nokia same old specification
2.0 or 2.1 bluetooth instead 3.0
Wi-fi-b,g instead a,b,g,n
600 mhz processor insted 1ghz
3.5 inch screen instead 3.7 or 4.0 inch
Poor resolution
Producing same cats and dogs

  • Alfonso

Another clone of the E72 - Nokia cant just keep relying on brand recognition

  • Anonymous

More attractive than e72

  • f boei

what is this??? seriously..

whats d diff between e72 n e5?? not much diff...

now, they will have 3 diff model (e72, e5, e73 mode) with same spec.. wtF???

  • V

Look like Nokia is swaying on its new path of the new naming convention.

  • osama

no difference in e72 n e73.. Shit