Nokia E73 Mode

Nokia E73 Mode

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  • neerav

Nokia might probably have something on its mind the bring out E73.. am on the verge of buying E72. anyone has the inside story?? as to whats so different about E73?

  • aki

nothing different.....

  • VIkram

i thing no dif.. of E72 & E73

  • phonelover2nd

Tiny change bored......

  • Art

What's the differences bet 72 and e73? settings of keypad?? features??

  • Jack

Jackin Blackberry's style...

  • Anonymous

eji, 21 May 2010i think no diff with e72... Note that there is one major difference between the E71 and the E71: The 3G frequency set. This one runs on T-Mobile USA's 3G frequencies. It seems that Nokia is taking the Android phones' hints. Great!!!

  • eji

i think no diff with e72...

  • bosun99uk

I am yet to see an E series that bits the build quality of the E61i.

small screen and tight keyboard.

If this phone comes with this specs it will not sell.

  • ali

hey its nokia what so the minor diff people buy it just to invest money nothing else they can use then nokia

  • jbnav_tmorep

its about time we got a nokia pda that will work on tmo going to get it asap....

  • Wahaj

Theres a little diffrence in e73 and e72

  • reviewer

this a joke. i guess?

  • Sandy

Stop these ugly phones...

  • darapheak

i think camera should increase megapixel. if 5mega is like E72.

  • Hussain ahmed m.i

Its almost same like e73,both has 5mp camera,wifi,and 16gb expandable memory thats all.atleast shud have 8mp camera and xenon what is the use of buying this new model with so many expectations

  • Anonymous

i think it will hv bigger screen than e72,high res,hv more ram and cpu speed,8.1mp lens,1800mhz Li-Po batt.


  • no

it's the same shame E72

  • f boei

truth, 20 May 2010Guys kewl down... Its just a rumour, not released yet...lets wai... moreu r right.. it can be just the same.. hope so...

but if.... this is the final spec.. why d heck does nokia upgrade the series number (72-73) and not the spec.. lol..

  • truth

Guys kewl down... Its just a rumour, not released yet...lets wait for the release of E73. I think there will be much better features on E73, it can't just be the same as nokia E72. Be patient.