Nokia E73 Mode

Nokia E73 Mode

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  • Sexlan

Stick with the e72....

  • Fubie

The e72 is way better than e71 if we are to talk about the specs, but compared with the pure black slim metal feel of the e71, e72 is just nowhere near. This e73 seems to answer my prayers, the sexy looks of the e71 combined with heart and muscle of the e72.. Now i think that's what e73 is all about..

  • Jeetendraa

I don't really understand whats Nokia trying to do...what difference does this phone have to say E71, E72, E63 and those similar qwerty phones, except some more mb ram, a fresher camera and some unwanted jigs and jugs here and there..come on Nokia stop taking customers for granted and get off the image that people would buy any stuff produced every near with one more number added to the series..

i personally loved nokia phones from 2001 ever since i had a phone and waited to buy it first off, but last 3 years i'm so pissed off with the same "Symbian Series 60 FP2/3" that i dont even look at nokias now..not that i love touchscreens or apples or sony, but the market leader has to keep inventing, which its just not doing..

  • Alexander

It is good phone for sms, but its a bad e-mail phone.
Blackberry push mail does not dry battery because phone receives e-mail notification like sms message.

nokia E63/71/71/73 works with IMAP IDLE. It means that it should keep alive connection to the IMAP server. Try to turn push mail on this phone and you will find that it does not work more that 15-16 hours. 16-17 days from spec it is lol. Business phone which does not have push-mail is lol too.

  • Anonymous

neerav, 22 May 2010Nokia might probably have something on its mind to bring out E73... moresame here but am still debating on HTC HD mini, or Nokia E72 what do you think? Thanks

  • Dakkk

Imran, 23 May 2010I am using E72 and I just hop from E73 that it should have 1Ghz ... moreWhy should they change from an excellent Symbian system? The reset of the wish list is quite correct.

  • Anonymous

I'd hold out on purchasing the E72 since it's been reported having some software bugs. Maybe Nokia's E73 may have some of those bugs fixed with the release of this particular model. Though, I hear that the E71 is still a better device than the E72.

  • SK

The E73 also adds UMA/WiFi calling

  • Jason

This is just an E72 with AWS bands for US T-Mobile. The E7# series are really quite good.

To give you an idea, the "old" E71 offers AT&T 3G, free voice navigation (according to GSMArena, about 14 hours of continuous GPS use), wifi, a Push-To-Talk client, integrated SIP/VOIP client, a native MS Exchange client, Nokia Internet Radio, FM radio, *full* flash browser, expandable storage, and a 3.2mp camera. I don't think there's a Blackberry that can compete with that. And the Iphone is definitely outclassed, cuz there's no app for half that stuff.

The E72 didn't change much from the E71, and the E73 is only offering the 1700/2100mhz 3G bands. They're excellent phones nonetheless.

  • dhani

another ugly phone..
and ofcourse useless

  • Sabah

See.. The design is much better than E72, there is no ugly space at the bottom of the device as E72.

  • Imran

I am using E72 and I just hop from E73 that it should have 1Ghz processor,8MP camera with xenon flash or powerful dual LED flash with excellent resolution as Xperia X10 has.the track pad should be as smooth as a balckberry handset has..the speaker of E72 is very poor.I hope E73 has a very good speaker with a loud sound.RAM of E73 should be 256 with some ROM capacity as HTC handset has...Its high time for Nokia to make drastic changes in their handset options and menu specially.should change software from symbian to android...Nokia should also change the view of its menu and display option as well..If nokia makes necessary changes this would be the best phones ever made....

  • SDA

I am confident on Nokia.
These are the Rumoured Specs.
I am sure the actual specs will be far better and E73 will be definitely be an upgrade over E72.
after all, there has to be a justification of buying a more expensive E73 over Euro 200 E72.

  • ragaexe

the major differ is only the trackpad
really dissapointing seeing only just few differ

  • lynx

Blackberry's Style?? Havent seen such a thin blackberry :D . Nokia and BB came out round about the same time with Optical D pads .

  • e72 user

i used e72 now and i think its a great and stylish phone i have..before that i used 5800 xm..the touch screen had a problem and i trade in with e72..but i hope this e73 got a louder and clear speaker compared to e72..and also come with more colourful colour and design...

  • Anonymous

Jack, 22 May 2010Jackin Blackberry's style...Wow you dont know anything nokia made phones that looked like this in 2004 and blackberry had a phone htat looked like nokia's in like 2006 so whos copying now

  • user

Nokia is now adopting SONY company methology, minor change in specification, reposition of few buttons here and there from old model, and change the color and its a new model ready to hit the market.

  • Anonymous

Crackberry's are a joke. I have E72 and only diff seems to be 3G band. Looks identical to E72.

  • neerav

Nokia might probably have something on its mind to bring out E73.. am on the verge of buying E72. anyone has the inside story?? as to whats so different about E73?