Nokia E75 review: Business on the slide

Business on the slide

GSMArena team, 16 April 2009.

No changes in the phonebook

The phonebook of the Nokia E75 hasn't evolved too much from the E71. It still does a tremendous job though, offering storage space for a virtually unlimited number of contacts and fields and all the available memory potentially usable for that purpose. We can't imagine anyone managing to fill that up. You are also treated to as many fields for each contact as you like and some other nice extras, so there's very little reason to complain.

Nokia E75 Nokia E75 Nokia E75
Welcome to the phonebook

Contacts can be freely ordered by first or last name, and can naturally be searched by gradual typing of any name. You can pick whether you want the SIM contacts, the service numbers or the phone memory contacts to be displayed or alternatively show them all at the same time.

Nokia E75 Nokia E75
Some of the available settings

Predictive search, contact database back-up as well as grouping are also available. The final nice extra is the setting to search for contacts on a remote server (Mail for Exchange or Intellisync).

Editing a contact offers an enormous variety of preset fields and you can replicate each of them as many times as you like. You can also create new fields if you are able to think of any. Personal ringtones and video can also be assigned. If you prefer, you may group your contacts and give a specific ringtone to each group.

Nokia E75 Nokia E75 Nokia E75 Nokia E75
Good luck trying to find a field that Nokia missed when editing a contact

The Call log application can hold up to 20 call records in each of the tabs for outgoing, received and missed calls. These are all accessed by pressing the Call key in standby.

Nokia E75
Detailed info of your past communications is to be found in the call log

If you access the Log application from the main menu, you'll see a detailed list of all your network communications for the past 30 days. These include messages, calls and data transfers. You can even filter the entries (by contact or by type), a useful feature if you're looking for a specific call.

Telephony has to be good

With Nokia E75 you are extremely unlikely to experience any reception issues. Sound during calls is very clear and free of any interferences.

Nokia E75 features the really nice Smart dialing feature, which helps you quickly find a contact straight from the standby screen. All you need to do is type a few letters and all contacts with names (first or last) containing them get displayed. Working with both the keypad and the keyboard it is certainly the best way to access your contacts without even opening the phonebook.

Nokia E75 Nokia E75
The smart dial works with both the numberpad and the keyboard

Nokia E75 doesn't feature the advanced Communication Manager out of the box like E71 but you can download it for free from the Nokia download center. With this quite useful application you can opt for various settings - accepting only calls from your contacts, from all non-private numbers or from anyone.

In addition you can set up different ringing profiles that can be scheduled to activate at a certain time (hour and day). Finally, you can also set the behavior of the phone when rejecting a call - busy tone, reject with SMS or answering machine on are some of the options.

Nokia E75 Nokia E75 Nokia E75 Nokia E75
The advanced communication manager isn't preinstalled but you can download it for free

The Nokia E71 also has support for VoIP calls - you just enter your account details and you are all set.

We conducted our traditional speakerphone test with Nokia E75. It performed rather poorly ranking well below average. Here is how it compares to same of the other handsets we have tested. You can find information on the actual testing process, along with the full list of tested devices here.

Speakerphone testVoice, dBPink noise/ Music, dBRinging phone, dBOveral score
Nokia E7564.860.765.9Below Average
Nokia E6364.662.169.0Below Average
Nokia E5167.065.771.2Average
Nokia E7168.066.576.2Good
Sony Ericsson W96072.373.576.7Very Good
Samsung i8510 INNOV878.975.777.5Excellent

Reader comments

  • Kaanaismyfriend
  • 01 Apr 2020
  • U@G

I have this phone from a decade,works good enough until now.

  • Bugged Out
  • 13 Apr 2017
  • Fv4

It's funny that this phone's 3.2MP camera is produce better shots than the 5 or 8MP's of most smartphones today.

  • ace
  • 28 Oct 2012
  • KFP

have been using this fone for over 3 years now. All in all it served great to all my needs. And it was really great for those who didnt use autotype (which is obselete nowadays but still a few years back). The mail app of this phone is now obselete t...