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Nokia G10

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  • mickos
  • kUN
  • 19 Feb 2022

Tintin, 05 May 2021I really don't know why these phones exist in the market.Because not everyone wants to spend $2000 on a phone. For $177 seems like a bargin to me.

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    • tZj
    • 10 Feb 2022

    I'm bought this for my parents because of it big battery and Android One phone.
    What really impressed me is the 4G signal reception, is a lot better than Galaxy Note 10+ that I'm using.

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      • Sin
      • N5a
      • 31 Jan 2022

      AsagiX, 27 Jan 2022Bought this for my mum. Seems the phone is good to use for ... moreyou need to trust ever app you download & install the smartphone should ask you ever time do you trust this app say yes ever time to this

      my nokia 3.1 runs androidONE just the same as the nokia g10 does i use apk & many app stores i download from unknown source

      downloading a app store like aptoide or uptodown might be way to go

      but apk also work too just have tell the smartphone to trust ever app you need

      if you still have the problem i try my best to help out

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        • Shanmuga
        • D0c
        • 31 Jan 2022

        I will brought a new nokia g10 .at the same day I will update security patch update then mobile 'AUTO ROTATION IS NOT WORKING'

          Bought this for my mum. Seems the phone is good to use for now. But notice the phone setting doesnt have a lot basic universal setting, which supposedly have like other budget/entry phone.

          Also.. Can someone teach me how to fix 'Apps is wasnt installed' issue? Already enable 'Install APP from other source' and also have follow various method from Google & Youtube except format/factory reset but no luck.

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            • Sin
            • 3H1
            • 08 Jan 2022

            Anonymous, 25 Dec 2021Will the g10 get the android 12 update?yes it will

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              • Paul
              • NXP
              • 05 Jan 2022

              I've had the phone for 2 months, no issues so far. I even play FIFA 21 with it although it does get hot, but that's ok considering the price. I would say go for it, has the bare minimums for a standard 2021 smartphone at a great price

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                • Thorr
                • T6v
                • 05 Jan 2022

                I heard it's not good for gamers, but I don't have time to play games on my phone.
                It will take 2 to 3 weeks to figure out quick fixes to the things that annoy you, but that's pretty much any new phone.
                Once you've got your settings, it's pretty excellent, fast, and a battery life that is UNBELIEVABLE.
                I've had phones with Really Bad power issues, (one never made it a full work day), and some I thought were great. Nothing is like this. 3 hours to charge, 3 days to drain. I know, right? You will NEVER find this phone dead because you forgot to charge it.
                I use my phone for talk, text, email, pics (beautiful pics, amazing close-ups), and podcasts/youtube on the commuter train.
                If this is you, then This Is Your Phone.

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                  • shayan
                  • nxB
                  • 25 Dec 2021

                  Anonymous, 25 Dec 2021Will the g10 get the android 12 update?yes, it have 2 years android upgrade and its printed on the box.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • fX7
                    • 25 Dec 2021

                    Will the g10 get the android 12 update?

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                      • Jimbeam
                      • mE0
                      • 24 Dec 2021

                      Great value at the price and the specs for the price,sure it's not a flagship but hey it more than spanks a few others like Motorola oppo I use mine for Facebook Instagram & Twitter no complaints works like a charm,sound isn't the greatest watching vids on YouTube video quality is good but sound a tad tinny but that's fine I've had worse & paid more plus Nokia are giving it 3 years of os upgrades & security patches, Motorola oppo & others only give 2 so big thumbs up to Nokia my 1st Nokia was the 3210 then 3510 all the N.series love Nokia 👍

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                        • Anonymous
                        • mA{
                        • 20 Dec 2021

                        geoffrey, 14 Dec 2021i bought nokia g10 one month ago but it can not shave conta... moreUse an app (Export contatcs by AppGuru)

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                          • themuhammad1
                          • X}$
                          • 18 Dec 2021

                          Faiyaz Shaikh, 16 Dec 2021Is nokia G10 worth buying..Plz suggest as i a big fan of No... moreYes! It worth buying. The only thing that annoys is the camera app being very slow. The camera, battery, built quality is awesome.

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                            • Faiyaz Shaikh
                            • Hkr
                            • 16 Dec 2021

                            Is nokia G10 worth buying..Plz suggest as i a big fan of Nokia phones..Have used from years..Now want use again..Some suggestions will help..

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                              • geoffrey
                              • TYx
                              • 14 Dec 2021

                              i bought nokia g10 one month ago but it can not shave contacts on SIM CARD it only gives two options 1- email 2.device. it does not give option of saving any contact on sim card.

                              i look forward for your reply.

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                                • Samuel
                                • Nu6
                                • 11 Dec 2021

                                Anonymous, 20 Nov 2021Regretting buying it. I bought the phone 1 month ago and... moreThis is one of the very best phone out there to buy, its cheap, the hardware and software are superb. Go for it

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                                  • ManofGod
                                  • 9xa
                                  • 09 Dec 2021

                                  Puchete, 15 Oct 2021LOL, my thought also! These buyers have most unrealistic... moreExcept that I wish I had never bought this Nokia G10. Android Auto runs horribly slow, apps load very slow and it can be painful to use, as a result. I mean, press and hold the button on my steering wheel to make a call and it can take upwards of 10 seconds or more just for it to respond. Even for a budget phone, this is worse than I would expect.

                                    lots of bugs

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                                      • Tonto
                                      • XRU
                                      • 24 Nov 2021

                                      Great battery life decent audio on YouTube has expandable memory slot for SD card, good for calling & txting listing 2 music it's not a gamer phone I paid only £99 for it so no complaints from me

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                                        • Daz
                                        • m5{
                                        • 21 Nov 2021

                                        Anonymous, 06 Nov 2021I don't see any control buttonsTo go to the home screen from an app, use a quick swipe up from the bottom.
                                        To see active apps, swipe up from the bottom to about a quarter of the way up and the active apps will show.