Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020

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  • Phones

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2016I have a 1020 and have been very happy with it. Im due an upgrad... moreSamsung s7 edge

  • Paul

Does any one know if the Nokia has Vertual reality capability ?If so, which goggles would you recommend ?

  • Nick

Has anybody tried the Windows Insider on the 1020??
My 920 works well on W10mobile, but what's the biggest issue with the 1020, the camera-app? Is the Lumia camera app necessary for the 1020 cam?
I can buy a 1020 so I want some opinions
thank U

  • Anonymous

I have a 1020 and have been very happy with it. Im due an upgrade however cannot find a phone to follow on to that has such a good camera as the 41mp the 1020 has to offer. Any suggestions?

  • Aadrian

AnonD-176159, 04 Apr 2016I dont care if the lumia 1020 has no update to windows 10. I lov... moreI agree there, my Lumia 930 runs Windows 10 mobile now and it's great. But the WP 8.1 on my 1020 also gives no issues whatsoever and runs wonderfully well. So not a big deal really.

  • AnonD-176159

I dont care if the lumia 1020 has no update to windows 10. I love windows 8.1 to my lumia 1020.

  • Umair ali

Nokia Lumia great camera phone. I compared 1020 camera with Sony z3. Samsung note 4. Samsung s5. And Samsung s6 but 1020 camera beat all models camera easily. If u are photo lover then u must buy it.

  • pan

still nothing can beat its camera, but much better if it had a sd card slot and a WINDOWS 10 UPDATE!

  • Quang Trung

- First to hold, this machine feels a bit allergic due to relatively large camera above, this makes the machine looks thick and pretty bad in the back
- The buttons are arranged on the same side and there is no difference between the buttons, made from when I was holding it took me 2 minutes to find the power button to turn the screen
- Application - Treadmill Windowsphone 8 should be nothing remarkable
- I have tested through search features via voice recognition. However, with a confidence in the ability of their English pronunciation, and I heard it was a disaster. Whether in search 3 times less noisy environment, but the machine returns wrong results. Nokia results are also to do a lot with this machine
- Now test notable point of this handset: 41 mp camera with PureView technology
Glance camera interface - the interface is quite simple and quite understandable.
Pluses: It is possible to customize the speed of the shutter, from 1/800 s - 4s and ISO when shooting can push up on 4000 (but actually we usually just take in 400-800). five star garden. This is the second point that I most appreciate this machine compared with a camera
Front camera for image quality quite dark

  • AnonD-517242

I have had this phone for two years. I love it, but it isn't my go-to phone all the time. It is a bit slow to wake up and get a shot off, but the quality is great. I use it more when I go out at night because that is where it is best. Without the extra camera holder/battery pack, the phone doesn't last that long, so I usually have it attached. I also turn off location finding to save on battery life.

I was wondering what others' experiences were with newer generation Lumia cameras. We have a 1520, which has an inferior camera compared to the 1020, but it is still better than some.

  • AnonD-434008

Bad news for Lumia 1020 users. Official Windows Phone 10 upgrade not available for your Lumia 1020. Also Lumia 920 and Lumia 925. So... You Should stay with Windows Phone 8.1 Denim. :(

  • Aadrian

No official Windows 10 Mobile will come available for the 1020 Microsoft stated.

  • suraj

the good think about nokia phone like n8 & lumia 1020 to carl zesis camera

  • vikesh

Anonymous, 19 Feb 2016In case you haven't seen this. The Here comment might help. h... more ya nokia coming 2016 in the market

  • Anonymous

i am abig fan of nokiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.but i don't have enough money to buy it..amazing camera phone.i love nokia verymuch.good news for all nokia the king is back

  • Ahmad Anwar

Nokia Lumia 1020 is a beat camera cell phone. I love so very much.

  • Ahmad Anwar

Nokia Lumia 1020 is a beat camera cell phone. I love so very much.

  • Anonymous

Windows 10 on diz phone is bad,realy,bad

  • Rafi

Sincerely saying
a year with this phone but still when it comes to finding a replacement..
i cant find in the market.. outstanding perfomace. recetly upgraded to windows 10 and guess what this beast does
i can install android apps too. Rilly impressed

  • rafi

nokia1020owner, 16 Feb 20162016 the return of the true king of smartphone!!!! the new nokia... morewat?? are u serious or u want dat kind of a return of nokia?