Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520

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  • Anonymous
  • y5i
  • 21 hours ago

this phone saved a live!

    i like the focus of this camera. I bought from a friend in 2017, 1 year later it broke

      ghita bravo, 30 Jul 2022This phone support critical ops and yutubr Comments like these make me laugh but also greatly disappoint me.

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        • ghita bravo
        • nDB
        • 30 Jul 2022

        pandasmallcollection, 10 May 2022my classmate gave me this phone when she found out i had a ... moreThis phone support critical ops and yutubr

          I still have lumia 520 it was great phone in its time

            my classmate gave me this phone when she found out i had a phone collection

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              • Omendata
              • 0F1
              • 31 Dec 2021

              Still using my Nokia 435 dropped it many times, laid on it and cracked the screen and it still keeps going and with Here+ as the best Satnav it has saved me many times and it still works for calls and texts so why change andmost of the apps i used still work just a pity it doesnt syn up with onedrive anymore or the appstore but gmail still works and many other things even the browser has not totally given up and it takes great photos for a small 5mp phone and the size is the main thing fits in a pocket easily unlike these massive phablet style phones that easily get broken my Doogee 6 inch phone didnt last morethan a year yet 10 years later my Nokia 435 and Nokia 1020 are still going strong - long live the Nokia Lumia!

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                • Anonymous
                • 0BE
                • 28 Nov 2021

                I miss my Nokia Lumia 520 but I hated how with the first WP upgrade they removed the stock wallpapers like these ones:
                I always used the winding road in Taiwan as my lock screen wallpaper.

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                  • max
                  • fXa
                  • 09 Nov 2021

                  Why aren't you guys doing something about updating the Nokia 520

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                    • Lumia520
                    • 45V
                    • 20 Oct 2021

                    9 years later, I still love my Nokia Lumia 520. Not that I am using it as my regular phone, but every time I start it up, seeing the Nokia logo showing, it just bring me back to the good old days when Nokia was the best cell phone brand. Windows Phone was a long forgotten OS that never developed to its full potentials. Yet, I love the tiles and everything still.

                    I might use my Nokia 520 as my toy camera to get some Low tech photos. It is gonna be fun.

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                      • John
                      • fI}
                      • 26 Aug 2021

                      The fact that this phone with just 512MB RAM can run silky smooth without any lag at all even when using multiple apps really showed just how efficient Windows Phone OS is. It's almost iOS-like performance.

                        2021: worth for camera and sending texts only. OS is dead. Screen is still new with all scratches I did. 6/10

                          Anonymous, 11 Mar 2021Any newNo of course

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                            • Anonymous
                            • fmg
                            • 11 Mar 2021

                            Anonymous, 15 Feb 2021Moreover, it had lots of characterAny new

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                              • 043
                              • 15 Feb 2021

                              Anonymous, 15 Feb 2021It served well for Camera and WhatsApp back in the day and ... moreMoreover, it had lots of character

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 043
                                • 15 Feb 2021

                                It served well for Camera and WhatsApp back in the day and was a huge upgrade from a Touchscreen Feature phone.

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                                  • ricchan
                                  • 7Xm
                                  • 15 Feb 2021

                                  Marngulu, 27 Jan 2021Good Afternoon When are you reintroducing whatsapp on thes... morethey'll never

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                                    • Anwar
                                    • 6PX
                                    • 09 Feb 2021

                                    I think that microsoft should be return back
                                    With andriod oprating sysytem based mobile
                                    Look windows like a lumia but oprating system is andriod

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                                      • Marngulu
                                      • fm5
                                      • 27 Jan 2021

                                      Good Afternoon
                                      When are you reintroducing whatsapp on theseLumia Phone series ???

                                        This phone was a real game changer in the budget smartphone world.