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Nokia Lumia 525

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  • AnonD-100814

Dude wp8.1 feature list is too much big..
1- notification centre
2- quick settings
3- battry percentage on status bar also date n carrier name.
4- seperate volume controles.
5- more tile sizes.
6- apps list view n grid view.
7- background images for start screen.
8- wifi direct support
9- seperate music hub and video hub.
10- swipe down to close app or task in multitasking window.
11- Internet explorer 11 with all features(download, upload, remember passwords n alot more).
12- battry power sense
13- wifi sense
14- storage sense.
15- double tap to power off.
16- any file downloading with dedicated new folders like music, videos, documnts, pics, n downloads.
17- unsupported file download in downloads folder.
18- i think video download n share restrictions also removed.
19- Speed dial.
20- New camera UI.
21- VPN support.
22- Wp8.1 n wRT merg now.. so no more xap now apps format is .appx.
23- Not sure but i thnk native video calling possible.
24- New USB Settings.
25- now u can set ur favorite sms app as default.
26- New calender
27- New keyboard settings+++
28- project my screen with Tv, screen, projector.
29- Dual sim support
30- skydrive now onedrive
31- Contacts import and export including sim.
32- no more restrictions like before.
33- audio n video edditing, record screen activities.
34- Onscreen buttons back, search, windows with hide feature with colour settings.
35- back button not closes app anymore.. now only goes in multitask window.

this is only trailor.. huge changes list is ther..
very huge update.. now wp8.1 is ready to compete with android also..
A lot of features still hidden or locked by ms in this leaked SDK.. A lot- Tom Warren (The Verge)

  • Rajangr

I am the first buyer of Lumia 525 in chennai. I find that the phone hangs often while switching between apps . It doesn't correct itself. We need to remove the battery and then restart the phone ?? This SUCKS ,???

  • gourav

how can i share my videos via bluetooth

  • Anonymous

AnonD-234307, 17 Feb 2014Hi guys, i bought a new Lumia 525 last week, i have been experie... moregood mobile

  • Anonymous

raj, 15 Feb 2014i am planing to buy this please tell me all the cons and pros of... moreGo for moto g it is best phone than this I have both phone moto g is much better

  • AnonD-234333

can anyone tell me ,is this phone has sound equalizer and dolby sound enhancement feature ?

  • Mk

is there audio equalizer and dolby sound enhancement option available in nokia lumia 525?

  • AnonD-234307

Hi guys, i bought a new Lumia 525 last week, i have been experiencing it very well but few things i regret that i couldn't find Photos Libraby(apart from Camera Roll), i could not set a background image nor a contact image. and i could not find the things which i have received from others. After all, Do we have File Manager in Lumia?? If not, How to manage our file as does in normal mobiles?? please suggest me guys..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-227065, 17 Feb 2014Can any tell me please how to download games and apps in pc how ... moreJust download on p.c and copy and paste on memory card...dont put any folder for games just copy and paste on memory card..then u find SD card on ur in SD card can be viewed only if net is on...

  • AnonD-227065

Can any tell me please how to download games and apps in pc how to move in memory card directly.

  • Hlp plz

Guys i Hav a problem ,,,,,,,cant see my files in file explorer
cant access attached files in gmail....
plzzz hlp

  • AnonD-214073

POOR battery, get HOT easily at the back top camera area (SoC). When using GPS in daytime with car charger, it can ALMOST melt the plastic cover and I can't touch it at all. The camera have very good details in 5MP range, colour are close to nature as we seen in real life, but a bit noisy.

Poor battery
Heating issue
Good camera

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Feb 2014Every WP8 has a Snapdragon processor. WP8 is optimized for Snapd... moreAll WP8 manufacturers has to follow Microsoft' strict hardware guidelines. They are there to keep the OS stable, optimized for performance even on low end phones, and easy to update OS.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-227475, 16 Feb 2014Does lumia 525 gets windows 8.1 update ?Every WP8 has a Snapdragon processor. WP8 is optimized for Snapdragon chipsets, so they all will get it. It's not like Android where it's extremely fragmented in hardware like GPUs and chipsets.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-227475, 16 Feb 2014Does lumia 525 gets windows 8.1 update ?Every window 8 phone will get 8.1 blue update.

  • Pramod kumar

This good Phone

  • Anonymous

still no led flash! come on!

  • Anil Ambani

ash, 15 Feb 2014how to send song and vedio in bluetoothIt was most sexiest phone

  • AnonD-233935

really nice at this price...even high budget lumia1020 have only dual core processor..

  • AnonD-227475

Does lumia 525 gets windows 8.1 update ?