Nokia Lumia 525

Nokia Lumia 525

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  • Anonymous

Besides the 1GB RAM what else is something new? Damm i just got 520 but it's cheap so i can't complain.

  • Anonymous

it should have flash for the camera. now a days flash is the minimum requirement for the 5 megapixel cam. all other specs are good under the given.The main draw back in this WP8 is, manually we can't set IP address for Wi-Fi

  • Anonymous

sanjay singh, 27 Nov 2013there should be atleast vga front camera and 1.2 GHZ quard ... morequad-core may make the price goes high, as an entry level phone 1.2GHz Dual Core should be enough ^^

  • sandy

nice smart phone better from lumia520 and good............

  • sanjay singh

there should be atleast vga front camera and 1.2 GHZ quard core processor other fine for entry level.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2013Cool... Nice upgrade to 520.yes but it will be more cool with 4.5-inch (or 4.3) screen size, adding a flash to camera, 1730mAh battery & 42mbps HSDPA & 1.2GHz least its not cannibalize the 625 yet :P

Another great device of Nokia. Just a small upgrade over the Lumia 520 but another ruler in value for price. Nice smart phone again.

  • Anonymous

Rinju, 27 Nov 2013If this has 1GB RAM,I will buy this.yes it is 1GB RAM :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2013lol...not much difference with 520..==*except more RAM & newer version of WP8 OS, there are no other obvious improvement against 520. the rest feature are almost exactly the same with 520!!! on this case, the price must be similar to 520 as well!!!

  • Anonymous

lol...not much difference with 520..==

  • AnonD-78229

no Amoled lcd. no corning gorilla glass, processor is only 1ghz. battery is weak. y gsm gave it 10 out of 10 to this device??

  • bude

Whe will be the release?

  • AnonD-77434

So the difference will be on the ram only and the support for nokia pro cam beside better IPS display rather than the standard LCD of Lumia 520...seems ok but not the one I imagined...still 520 is one of the best devices for the WP OS ever :)

  • Rinju

If this has 1GB RAM,I will buy this.

  • dhirendra

nokia rock

  • Anonymous

while the only major upgrade besides Windows Phone Black is the 1GB of RAM, the 520 is the best seller out of all the Lumia's. Here's the video:

  • Anonymous

Cool... Nice upgrade to 520.