Nokia Lumia 525

Nokia Lumia 525

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  • abi00772

lumia 620 is available for 12k in india with front cam and led flash and nokia clear black display

  • AnonD-144480

what is wp8 black?

  • Anonymous

isee the symbol of temple run 2 but it is not available on store

  • abhisiek

guys why are you hating this beauty

this have 1gb ram so there's no question of any kind of lag in this device.
great thing is , this phone is running with WP8 black .

so it supports nokia camera app so you can access pro cam but not in 520

this phone will make great records for sure

if this phone was given flash and front cam , then there would be no reason for calling a phone as 625

  • Anonymous

The most missing thing is flash. No front no problem but atleast flash. 80% peoples don't use front camera. Definitely in January Galaxy core and Moto g will be best choice @11k-13k range in india.

  • Mario

It still‌ bad‌ without‌ second camara and led‌ flash.

  • AnonD-89420

AnonD-196141, 27 Nov 2013Atleast should have provided flash and a front camera.... i... moreare you kidding me ram is a major reason for not many apps not working on lumia 520 in fact temple run was not available initially when it made it to wp so are many other apps and now with 525 this problem will almost be sorted.

  • Athul

AnonD-196141, 27 Nov 2013Dude 620 720 820 are all hall of famer now... they are out ... moreI dunno why its nt available near u bt these models r in no way phased out, they will only be phased out when the nxt gen models come and 625 is not a successor of 620 but a big screen alternative.. So these would be widely available through out the world until x30 models cme out with wp blue

  • Athul

sanjay singh, 27 Nov 2013there should be atleast vga front camera and 1.2 GHZ quard ... moreI don't get why people need quad core on wp8 especially on entry level phones like the 525...
The current processor in no way lags in performance, the only thing tht made it lag if at all was 512 mb ram and with this one nokia addresses tht issue. I know most android frm indian cmpnys in this segmnt are meditek quad core ones, but they are android and of cortex a7 architecture and a quad core cortex a7 is only equivalent to a dual core cortex a9 tht powers 520 and 525....

  • AnonD-196141

Cruise, 27 Nov 2013Use your head people. Nokia is not stupid but some of you ... moreDude 620 720 820 are all hall of famer now... they are out of league. .. so Nokia should have provided flash and front cam on it.... I personally got tired of searching 720... it wasn't even at my nearest Nokia store. .. they told me that only thr 25 models would be available now..... had to go for Sammy instead

  • AnonD-210033

No flash No Front facing camera
Wp8 is FAIL

People just dont like the microsoft OS

  • Raj Khan(India)

In january Galaxy core will be 11k. Moto g is coming january with the price of 11.5k 8gb model. Both have flash and front camera. Lumia 525 Window os some restrictions but no flash. We r not idiots.........I'm using Nokia Lumia 520 best phone but think about flash :)

  • AnonD-196141

Atleast should have provided flash and a front camera.... increasing ram doesn't make any sense in wp... its smooth even with 512mb Nokia does stupid shit sometimes

  • Real steel

No flash and front camera only 1GB Ram and reducing the battery doesn't make sense Nokia

  • Nokia Fanboy

Hey Nokia Pls launch in Dual Sim.

  • AnonD-61843

Should've increased the battery life & used a compass . Who needs clear black display . I'm using 520 . Eventually 520 will get wp black too ( coming January may be ) . 512 mb ram is the minimum amount to run wp8 os .someone said Lumia has ordinary lcd display in these comments , ur wrong . Lumia 520 & Lumia 525 are the exact same mobile with only different amount of ram . Plz don't confuse the people. I can do awesome things in my Lumia love it soo much . Congratulations bro ( nokia Lumia 525 ) . Welcome.

  • AnonD-67313

I think NOkia should have Given a new Clear Black Technology in this Device. The Screen on the 520 is same on 525 and is not that Great. Viewing angle are bad blacks are not deep. Nokia should also have added a flash 1gb ram doens't make a Huge Difference.

  • Cruise

Use your head people. Nokia is not
stupid but some of you fellaz
apparently are.
If nokia provides a flash for this
phone, why will I buy a 620, 625, 720
or 820 when the price is way cheaper
and has some better specs than the
old models. There has to be
something that sets them apart.
This phone is great. If you cant live
without a flash, a front facing a clear
black screen go for the above models.

  • AnonD-210208

Nice phone from Nokia I love it Nokia lumia 525 1 GB RAM

  • S. Gerrard

Dual sim???