Nokia Lumia 525

Nokia Lumia 525

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  • jadhav

sande, 18 Apr 2016is it possible to connect a nokia lumia 525 to a laptop via... moreRealy nokia Lumia 525 works very smoothly I have been using since 2 year really am satisfied about this product but one thing that is why still windows 10 is not available for this device am very disappointed about this becz at the time of origin of Lumia devices Lumia 520-525 these plays an important roles in standing among various smartphones please windows builder don't forget it

  • neyagness

Phones works very well, not slow at anything, good for texting and calling, but:
1. No selfie mode
2. It a windows phone so the apps are diabolical.
3. Handy to have a high storage SD card.

I think I'm talking about right phone. I brought it refurbished from a computer shop, and has lasted a long time, more than double the time of my 3 new phones I brought.

  • arun

SadHuman, 08 May 2016My Lumia didn't even work well for an year! It automatica... moreI have also problem but in granty i showed to service center. 1-- its earphone not connecting 2-- some touch problem I get back in 1month with new motherboard . Now all is well no problem....

  • Gaurav

nice phone smoothly run only two things that is not available in this phone 1)front camera 2)4g all are good for general use.compact device.a long lasting device from nokia.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2016How to upgrade my Lumia 525 in windows 10.......tell me You should install insider app first and launch the app and updates will be available for you

  • AnonD-374807

This phone 📱 is really awesome. It's very good for longtime used.

  • Sejaur Saheb

This Phone 📱 is really awesome.

  • raj

very very........................ slow mobile

  • Anonymous

kabota, 31 Jul 2016this hp is very excellent...hahahahhahaahaha...he was right

  • kabota

this hp is very excellent...hahahahhahaa

  • Anonymous

Raj Pintu, 08 Apr 2016Sorry Mr After Updated windows 10 In Nokia Lumia 525 Throug... moreHow to upgrade my Lumia 525 in windows 10.......tell me

  • Mani

Me also using Lumia 525 past 5 days mobile very slow and saying storage full. i cant type above one word while using watssapp. wat to do for it

Prashant, 19 Jun 2016Go for androidYeah, I bought an Huawei. It's a not snappy and fast as the L525. Thinking of buying a L540.

  • marilvs

update in windows 10 not spport the mobill

  • Prashant

sr777, 16 Nov 2015Using this phone for over a year. Was good. Now I want to... moreGo for android

  • Prashant

igor, 23 Mar 2016Wp 10 tehnical preview on 525?Experience?Your phone gets slower, but you can tolerate it if you don't play heavy games. Rest is all good. I had installed it but again returned to previous version.

  • Prashant

I am using this phone since 2014 October. The phone is still working fine (2016/6/20). I am not a heavy gamer but of course, i have played games like asphalt 8, guns, and other heavy games in this phone. This phone can handle them smoothly but the problem is, the battery doesn't lasts long enough and it gets heated while playing those games.
In the terms of smoothness, windows phone wins over android phone but honestly, i recommend not buying windows phone because the apps available in the Microsoft store is nothing compared to that of the google play store. Perhaps the windows phones are smooth because there is not much apps to make it slow.....
Microsoft is lying, giving the false date to release windows 10 for lumia 525 but It's not so yet. But of course Microsoft has released windows 10 for other expensive apps. Hence, Microsoft has focused all their attention to other expensive windows 10 operating mobiles. So, nowadays the number of apps in the Microsoft store is further decreased. What I am trying to say is, if you really are the windows phone lover then go for windows 10 phones. But believe me, it would be far better if you go for android phones.
Windows 8.1 O.S. has gone old. But among windows 8.1 phones within this price range, lumia 525 rules...

  • md.shanto

Abhishek, 30 Mar 2016I think Windows 10 update not coming for lumia 525 devices.... moreNokia Lumia 525 very good phone

  • SadHuman

My Lumia didn't even work well for an year!
It automatically went to flight mode and I couldn't turn it back off even after trying to do so a million times!
So there's no incoming or outgoing call! No nothing.!I gave it for repair and no one could resolve the issue. I used the internet facilities via WiFi!
Then one fine morning my phone shuts down and when switched on it showed all the feeds till before a week! I would uninstall apps and restart the phone and even then the apps would be still there and everything will be back to that old feed. I stopped receiving messages via apps and my phone geys switched off at least 10 times a day and again to that old time period ! I tried to factory reset it but not even that worlks. Even people in the service centre couldn't reset it! 😐 and this was my first phone!! :(

Subrata, 14 Apr 20162days ago i upgraded my lumia 525 to latest preview build "... moreSo far I don't have any issues except with myTube. Some third party apps designed for W8.1 are slow. But frankly, even though I like W10M, not going to recommend to heavy users.