Nokia Lumia 525

Nokia Lumia 525

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  • AnonD-261302

im going to buy this at 160$.
help me...,,,is there have any good phone at this price???
(sorry for bad English)

  • pindu

which bettary backup ?

  • AnonD-261199

how move data from phone memory ro SD card.... bcoz my mobile fullyloaded and it was getting a countinusley massage " phone memory was full delet some data first" plz tell hoe move data phone memory to SD card....

  • AnonD-236066

AnonD-100814, 04 May 2014yes dude.. wp also needs microsoft account to download apps n ga... moreDude i have a microsoft account can i use it to download apps?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 May 2014does it have flash n front camera????no it doesn't have front cam or flash

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 May 2014does it have flash n front camera????No flash, no front cam

  • Anwar so

Dear user,,if u use this phone, ,,
please tell is there Music Equalizer

  • Anonymous

does it have flash n front camera????

  • AnonD-254042

Anonymous, 05 May 2014I want to purchase a mobile p0hone in the range of 10000/- only.... moreSamsumg galaxy s duos 2.....

  • kaal

buddy , can I replace 1450mah battery with 2000mah or 3000mah for lumia 525 ? Though it is by local manufacturer .

  • AnonD-260861

Pls dont buy windows total incomplete os . Go for android.
only one advantage that their better youtube downloader like tubemate. No better browser.hang in html browsing.just want to sell this phone after using one mnth only.

  • saamm

Anonymous, 01 May 2014I have windows phone (525) and I can assure you that you do not ... morecan we able to download musics and videos from other websites..if it is possible can we able to move it to sd card without connecting it to pc.?..plz answer...thanks in advance....

  • Binod

AnonD-260748, 05 May 2014Here’s how to install Windows Phone 8.1 and Cortana on any WP8 d... moreDoes the music player have equaliser after the update?

  • Anonymous

After update 8.1my Lumia 525 complete all required. Now you can manage your apps in memory card. Separate volume for music n video player. Notification bar help for quick action. Separate players for music and video. More tiles on main screen. Given all function required as a smartphone THANKS MICROSOFT N NOKIA.

  • LAW321

forgot to mention one more thing warranty doesnt become void after the update to v 8.1

  • LAW321

guys dont mislead anyone, even if you have upgraded your phone to v 8.1 its possible to go back to v 8 and thats only through Nokia Software Updater for Retail. I have tried it myself in both lumia 525 and 720.

  • AnonD-260748

Here’s how to install Windows Phone 8.1 and Cortana on any WP8 device
Here’s how to install Windows Phone 8.1 and Cortana on any WP8 device
Get you Windows Phone 8.1 fix right here
By Roydon Cerejo / 22 Apr 2014 , 07:54
Microsoft just released the Developer Preview of Windows Phone 8.1 for any and all Windows Phone 8 devices. This update is not available to the general public yet as it’s primarily intended for developers to get a headstart at implementing WP 8.1’s new open APIs within their apps. However, for those who are itching to get their hands on the latest version of Windows Phone, there’s a simple method in which that can be accomplished. What’s more, we’ll even show you how to get Cortana up and running on your device, even if you are outside the US.

Caution: Before you proceed, do keep in mind that installing this update could void your warranty and the biggest caveat being that you cannot roll back to v8 if you wish to. I’m guessing you could rollback by flashing your phone with the stock firmware but we haven’t tried this method out yet. This XDA thread will give you detailed instructions on how to flash any Nokia Lumia device to the stock ROM.

Finally, we at Tech2 are not responsible if you mess things up. Even though the process is mostly foolproof, we are not liable for any damages that might occur during the process so proceed only if you’re absolutely sure of what you’re getting into.

Now that we got that out of the way, here are the steps you’ll need to perform in order to get WP 8.1.

Step 1 – Sign up as a developer
Head to and click the big blue button on the right which says “Start new project”.

Sign up as a developer
Sign up as a developer

Step 2 – Sign in with your Microsoft Live account
Next, you’ll need to sign in with your Microsoft account. This is the same ID you use to sign in to OneDrive, Windows Live,, etc.

Sign in with your Windows Live ID
Sign in with your Windows Live ID

Step 3 – Download the ‘Preview for Developers’ app on your phone’
Head to the Windows Phone store and download the ‘Preview for Developers’ app. Open the app, sign in with the same ID you used to login to the Appstudio website from Step 1 and agree to the terms and conditions.

Get the app for your phone
Get the app for your phone

Step 4 – Check for updates
Next, go to ‘Phone update’ in the Settings menu and click ‘Check for updates’. Before installing 8.1, your phone will most likely download the 8.0.10322.71 update. This is to just to prep the phone for 8.1. After a reboot, head to ‘Phone update’, check for updates once more. Now, the Windows Phone 8.1 update will download and install automatically.
Now just update your phone and you should be good to go
Now just update your phone and you should be good to go

That’s pretty much it really. Once your phone boots up, you’ll be on the spanking new Windows Phone 8.1 software. Remember that this is still a preview so there might be slight kinks here and there, as the final version won’t be out till a couple of months. We’ve tried this on a Nokia Lumia 920 and it worked just fine.

Bringing Cortana to life
We’re not done yet though. One of the highlight features of WP 8.1 is Cortana – Microsoft’s version of Google Now or Siri. Unfortunately, this feature will only be available for the US initially and there’s no time frame for when it will come to India.
Cortana works pretty well with a neutral accent. Not bad for a Beta app
Cortana works pretty well with a neutral accent. Not bad for a Beta app

The good news is that you can easily circumvent this by doing the following steps:

Step 1 – Change the region in settings to ‘United States, English’ and reboot.
Step 2 – Change the language to English (United States) from settings and reboot once more.

Now, head to the app list and you should have Cortana present. You can activate her by simply pressing the ‘Search’ capacitive key on your phone. As you use your phone, Cortana will learn you usage behaviour and also prompt you with suggestions and alerts, just like Google Now.

We’ve only just started playing around with Cortana and other Windows Phone 8.1 features and will be bringing you an in-depth review of the new OS soon. In the meantime, you can check out a detailed look at what’s new in the OS here. We also have a sneak-peek into Nokia’s upcoming Lumia 630, which will feature Windows Phone 8.1 out-of-the-box. The handset is likely to debut sometime in May for an estimated price of about Rs 12,000.

  • MAY

AnonD-260663, 05 May 2014wp 8.1 update available for lumia 525?yes the lumia 525 is update to windows phone 8.1

  • Anonymous

I want to purchase a mobile p0hone in the range of 10000/- only. is Nokia 525 be the best option 4 me.
Or suggest phone in samsung....

  • vivek

i reset my phone i am not getting updates which i have updated before reseetting will i get my old updates plzzzz tell mee ......