Nokia Lumia 525

Nokia Lumia 525

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  • Palu

AnonD-14501, 13 Apr 2014yap offcoarse just connect yr phone via usb and open,the wi... morePlease dont mind. Are you sure? Have you used this? Please make me sure. I want to buy it soon. Please reply soon. If you dont have any problen, please give me your contact number. I want to talk with you directly.

  • sonu

why did charging conect the lmina525 phone is on

  • AnonD-14501

palu, 13 Apr 2014please please please help me. if i download any video or mp... moreyap offcoarse just connect yr phone via usb and open,the windows phone folder from my computer go to phone memory or external,memory dependa whr its saved and just copy it from,there ..

  • Anonymous

Kapil, 13 Apr 2014Sir i planning to purchase nokia phone which is tha best ph... moreGo for Lumia 525. Lumia 525 have 1 gb ram u can install every application u want.

  • Kapil

Sir i planning to purchase nokia phone which is tha best phone..lumia 525 or nokia xl..i am totally..confused..plz help me..

  • palu

please please please help me. if i download any video or mp3 song via lumia 525 by UC browser, can i copy or move these downloaded file into computer?

  • AnonD-253611

its cool but internet sharing option is not available in my Nokia 525

  • mik

What's best Nokia 525 or HTC beats audio plz hlp to choose what is best

  • Gayan

I was using Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 almost nearly 2 years. I got bored with the Android UI. So wanted a change so I went for a Lumia. But my friend who owns a Lumia 520 said there are less apps compared to android but essential apps are available. So after a big research I bought Lumia 525 ( White Color ). Since I bought it from the Nokia Authorize dealer in Sri Lanka it cost me Rs.25000.

Its far more better than Android. Never lags. Colors are better than Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100. Very smooth OS. My Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 took 3 hrs to fully charge ( I don't know whether it was only a problem in my phone ). But my new Lumia 525 only takes 1hr to fully charge. And there is a battery app. It shows the time remaining to full charge. It has USB charge as well. So its very easy. And the battery backup is very good. And the Lumia phones doesn't heat too much like Samsung.

It plays MP4 ( YouTube videos ) but not FLV. You can download MoliPlayer Pro / VLC Player from the Windows Phone Apps+Games Store ( but you have to pay for those apps ).

Overall I think its really a great phone. In every phone there are pros and cons. In this phone the cons are

1. There is no equalizer.
2. The original hands free which comes with phone sucks. You can here the background noises. Specially when you going in a bus. It really sucks. Because it doesn't really fit your ears.
3. When you adjust the music/video player volume, it adjust the phone ringing tone volume as well. There is no separate volume control for music/video player and phone ringing tone volume.
4. No flash. Photos taken at low light/night doesn't come very good compared to Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100.

Apart from those above cons, overall the phone is really good. I recommend this phone for android users. Since I was once an Android user. You wont get bored with UI. Trust me.

And the majority who comments on Lumia phones are not real owners/users of Lumia phones. They are either Apple or Samsung fans.

  • Ajit4133

1 Gb Ram give High Performance in multitask, switching apps etc. 8 Gb internal memory is much sufficient, 6 Gb is for use. 2 Gb for OS.
windows 8 has best features than 7.8 OS.

Only lack of Apps. & Equalizer in Music.

  • Anonymous

manreal, 09 Apr 2014hello sir, i was planning to buy a lumia i started c... morelumia 525 heats only at top of the phone at backside, but all samsung mobile gets heat.
to get a better battery backup set the screen brightness to lower lever, close all the app running at background
turn off vibrate, change the network settings to 2g turnoff wifi and bluetooth

  • Bal

AnonD-251243, 12 Apr 2014I would rather wait for Nokia Lumia 630 and 635 wid new OS ... morenokia 630 comes with 512MB RAM, quad core processor and 3G compatible whereas 635 comes with same specification but with 4G compatible

  • anbu lov

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2014Hi frnds now I used both 520&525 I think game lover sho... moreWhen windows 8.1 update will come for lumia 525

  • Anonymous

Excellent phone!!Have bought the phone working PERFECTLY. This is the best phone in this range. Spend a few bucks more and buy 525 not 520. No battery problem at all! Download the app 'nokia camera' It makes the camera work at its limit.
Verdict:Best phone at this price range

  • Hameed

s, 12 Apr 2014Which is best for gaming nokia 525 or samsung galaxy s duos 2Of course Lumia 525

  • aakash

s, 12 Apr 2014Which is best for gaming nokia 525 or samsung galaxy s duos 2samsung is best for playing games

  • --

s, 12 Apr 2014Which is better for gaming nokia 525 or samsung galaxy s du... moreLumai 525' is the best way to expiriance games apps and all i self expirianced

  • harsha

AnonD-244219, 10 Apr 2014i am planning to purchase a 525/630 soon, all i want to kno... morehi.. what makes you think you cannot download songs n videos from you pc to the lumia 525?? of course you can.. i'm currently using lumia 625.. i download songs from nokia mix radio(free/but not transferable via bluetooth) and also copy my favs from my pc...

  • AnonD-251243

I would rather wait for Nokia Lumia 630 and 635 wid new OS windows 8.1 which is jst awesome.......

  • astonish

plz suggest lumia 525 or nokia X .. or I wait for XL??? I am totally confused.