Nokia Lumia 625

Nokia Lumia 625

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  • jijan29

it's faster to use with ram 512MB ??

  • jayesh

gooood but low ram and front camera

  • Anas Amsha

Dear friends.. do you think this phone will be updated to WP 8.1 .. or it's too early to talk about this .. :)

  • sk525

its superb only issue with its RAM nnly 512MB...You cant enjoy gaming experience...

  • aru

Rahul PS, 20 Mar 2014I buyed nokia lumia 5 days ago......... n my opinion is win... moreLumia superb touch smooth
but internet speed downloading speed To slow


Its jst awsome!!!!!!!!!! I jst luv my nokia lumia 625

  • Ankit Arora

No Lag,No Battery Drain,No Camera Blurness,No Need To Wait....Love My Lumia 625..

  • Anonymous

Harshana, 21 Mar 2014Superb Phonei do agree

  • Harshana

Superb Phone


SUPERB... i have been experiencing Nokia from last 6 years, Battery is awesome, performance's too good. i have used Nokia E63, E72, E5, E6, n8 and now Lumia 625 which seems to be an upgraded and nice phone.... Love to b Nokian....!!!

  • phil32

Just started using the lumia 625, i'm having issues with webpages closing back to the start screen. Tried a reset but still having the same problem. Is this at all normal?

  • bumba

Lumia user, 19 Mar 2014Dears, Lumia phones are very good, though there are some i... moreowsam

  • AnonD-245234

superb phone!!

  • yagami1990

superb phone!

  • Rahul PS

I buyed nokia lumia 5 days ago......... n my opinion is windows is greater than android guys
1. camera is just awosome
2. superb battery life
3. good internet speed
4. smooth screen n its vivid
really i am impressed with nokia lumia 625

  • geojen

Hai, I am a Lumia 625 user , I am using this for last 3 month , still date I didnt faced any problem , it may 0ne sec hang sometime while playing long time , further comparing to android I love Lumia , good battery packup , I played most off games in store ,

  • Lumia user

Lumia phones are very good, though there are some issues connected with os development. I am using Lumia 625 and Lumia 720, and both are very pretty phones. No hanging, no other problems. Just learn to use Windows phone OS. After each update it is getting news functions which makes the phone better.

  • AnonD-245234

how can i get a notification when using a battery saver??

  • Anonymous

Paul, 18 Mar 2014I chose to buy this NOKIA LUMIA 625 Phone with high expecta... moreI too have a Lumia 625 and i haven't faced any such problems. Really its a superb phone, and i absolutely love Windows Phone. This coming from someone who has been using android for the past 2.5 years and lives in a family of android users.

  • bhupendra

very bed phone in nokia lumia 626 ,rig tune bed,phone revelyu rs book bed all this phone bed